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What is the key to losing weight?

Perseverance! That's the key!

Pick a well established plan for yourself and stick to it, no matter what! Perseverance can help you reach your goals!

How many people have we seen starting a diet promising fast weight loss and after a short period putting all the weight back? How many people have we seen starting a diet over and over again?

Choosing a diet that promises the biggest and fastest weight loss is the fastest road to nowhere! You pick a well balanced and healthy diet for long term, do your daily exercises without skipping days and you'll be fine!

Perseverance is the key!


Boosting metabolism is essential. As contradictory as it may seem to those who have been on restrictive diets for many years, your body needs calories to lose weight. Try to eat 5 to 6 small meals a day instead of only 2 or 3 larger meals. Make your meals high in quality nutritionally with lean, quality sources of protein and rich in fiber, both of which help you feel full on less calories.

The main reason why it seems that men have an easier time losing weight than women is the fact that physiologically men tend to have more muscle mass. Muscle burns more calories at rest than fat, so men can eat more. Women tend to have more fat stores for the processes of menstruation and pregnancy. 

Women can build more lean muscle mass by incorporating strength training into their fitness routine about three times per week, along with cardiovascular activity most days of the week to burn fat stores. Developing more muscle mass in women leads to a higher resting metabolic rate, enabling them to burn more calories and lose more body fat.

The stress hormone cortisol can have devastating effects on weight loss attempts. Stress causes the body to switch into survival mode and hang on to the fat stores it has. Look for practical ways to reduce the stress levels in your life, or develop strategies for dealing with it.

Water is vital to keeping almost every part of the body functioning at its best. You need more water as you incorporate a fitness plan into your daily routine. Water helps flush toxins from your body. Drinking a glass of water 30 minutes before a meal can help decrease a ravenous appetite. Some studies indicate that drinking cold water can actually boost metabolism, although the results are not conclusive.

One of the biggest hurdles for many people to overcome in their weight loss endeavors is in their own minds. You need to change your thinking about food in general and about dieting. Think of food as fuel, not as comfort or stress relief or a cure for boredom. Learn to recognize your internal hunger cues. Don't think of your weight loss attempts as a temporary diet, but look for healthful changes you can make for the long haul.

Restricting calories for long periods of time can sabotage weight loss by sending signals to your body to hang on to fat stores for survival. Since metabolism is key to weight loss, you have to give yourself an occasional break from dieting to preserve a normal metabolism. Don't restrict calories to less than 1200 for more than a month at a time. Increase caloric intake for a week or two while monitoring your weight before cutting back again.


If someone have determination he/ she can do anything.

So determination is the key.

To reduce weight one should take proper portion of proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins.

People often start dieting without consulting any nutrition. So after some time they start feeling weakness due to deficiency of vital ingredients which are essential of us.

What I recommend is to consult a good nutrition and get a diet plan having different verity. 

Diet plans are always difficult to follow but one should be determine to the objective for the effectiveness. 

However, few nutritious also give some day off for dieting so that one should not get bored with the dieting plan.  

In addition to diet one can also focus on some basis exercise to achieve his/ her objective.


It has to be your "determination".

There's so many ways on how to loose wait, you search on it over the internet and browser won't stop feeding with possible solutions.

The only that will bring you to a result that will satify you is your perseverance to achieve it.


 Thank you for asking using the musing platform. I think there is only one main key to losing weight, that is if there are calories in, then there must be a balanced calorie release. Scientifically and medically, there is not enough evidence to recommend a combination of certain foods or diet recipes - such as the "Mayo diet" or other diets.

There is no one way to lose weight that can be used by everyone. Therefore I write answers in general, as follows:

- Know your daily calorie needs. The key to losing weight is the calories that enter < daily calorie needs. To clarify I will give an example: if your daily calorie requirement is 1500 cal. at least you have to consume 1400 cal. It must be remembered that if you consume 1000 calories, this does not mean you will lose weight faster, because this actually makes your body slow down your metabolism so that the weight will be more difficult to fall, the weight of the yo-yo (weight loss). So, consume calories below your daily calorie needs, but approaching, don't let us not eat.

- To meet the caloric needs, avoid fried foods and beverages that contain sugar (Beverages/packaging containing sugar above 5 gr it's not good to consumed).

- Do regular exercise. Many sports can be done at home. Take a look at sports instructions on YouTube. Many home sports videos are available on youtube that can burn calories effectively.

- Consistent. Whatever happens remains consistent exercise and consumption of calories below daily calorie needs. The lower body weight automatically the daily calorie needs will go down, so stay balanced. Sports must also be done every day. Cardio is good for fat burning and weight lifting is good for speeding up metabolism so that the food we consume does not accumulate into fat.

hopefully useful, see you next time, and good luck