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What happens if in a marriage the woman earns more money than the man?

They have more money to spend.


What happens in a marriage if the man earns more than the woman? This is the reverse of your question and both answers are the same 'nothing'. Marriage don't work based on whether it's the man or woman that earns more. Love, understand, tolerance, communication, sacrifice and forgiveness makes marriage works regardless of who earns more.

If both partners love and support each other, who earns more won't be a problem.


Well normally it should not be a problem that a woman is wealthier than her husband, and we have seen such marriages blossom in our society. A good example is African Billionaire Folorunsho Alakija.

However, there are indeed instances where men do feel threatened by a woman's wealth, often as a result of cultural norms where men are viewed in their traditional roles as 'providers'.

In such instances, it may cause friction in the marriage, and in extreme cases may even result in a dissolution.

Men who feel threatened by their wifes wealth are likely distrustful or have low sense of self esteem in my opinion. It is also possible that the woman may be at fault for any friction arising from wealth sometimes, as attitudes and behaviors may make the man feel insecure.

In all it shouldn't matter who is wealthier in a marriage, as long a the couple are ready to make things work


The answer depends on the couple. But if I've read about studies showing that when interviewed about who earns what in their marriage, both spouses tend to get a bit uncomfortable and wives may downplay their own income and play up their husband's income. Other studies indicate that women have a tendency to experience increased marital dissatisfaction if they outearn their husbands due to feeling that their own status is diminished by their husband's lower status.. Husbands outearned by their wives are more likely to cheat them, possibly because they feel that their masculinity is threatened by the situation or because the discomfort experienced by both spouses messes with their sex life. 

My guess is that sufficiently wise and mature people who have a strong sense of partnership and flexibility in balancing family duties are not negatively affected by this. But it is understandable why some are negatively affected by it. 


A marriage is not based on the amount of money that both win or that one of them wins more than the other, really in a relationship that is joined by love, I do not think anything happens.

But if in that marriage the man only sees the money, perhaps he feels overshadowed by his partner and feels jealousy, envy, maybe he gets upset more than normal and that marriage does not go very far.


In the present society that we are in, the most probable scenario is that the woman will become more dominant and will take over most of the decisions that even a man should do.

Although, it may vary to other cases, in my honest opinion, the man should be clever enough to make a stand in that relationship.

If their relationship revolve around the idea of "money" then their is no way for them to balance the dominance in between them.

However, if the relationship is based on the concept of "love", then I would say that their will be enough respect to each other that they wouldn't even bother who is earning more or earning less.


It doesn't matter who earns more. People have to understand that there should be gender equality, might be woman works harder to get to that position to earn more, the man should not get jealous and vice versa. If they have love in in between them it does not matter who earns more or who does not earn at all.

We call it as Women Empowerment, there are woman's who are leading their country and are in very high position and they earn very well too. But that does not bring any ill effect in their marriage.


I think nothing should hapens when women earn more than man.sadly it does but not in every society because many people don't want woman to earn money the thinking is this that women should stay at home to care for house.

Just think what will be done when women will earn more than man in this kind of situation .first of all she will have to face many problems from her family.

On otherhand if women earn money more than her husbnd and their family don't have problem for her to earn money.it is a good situation to meet the all needs of time.more money will give them comfort.


I've expounded on sexual orientation and cash previously. It doesn't make a difference in case you're a man or lady — for many individuals, this is one of the best taboos you can discuss (significantly more than individuals secretly sharing their compensations). 

Indeed, people respond to cash in an unexpected way. Truly, they have diverse contents. What's more, truly, I believe it's vital to discuss it, rather than imagining cash is the equivalent for everyone. 

Today, I need to discuss what happens when ladies gain more than men.

My companion Farnoosh Torabi, who has another book out — When She Makes More: 10 Rules for Breadwinning Women — composed a fascinating piece on ladies who acquire more: 

"The truth of the matter is, especially for youthful driven females, the odds of finding an "equivalent" mate as far as pay and instruction is factually testing. What's more, regardless of whether you do arrive a first date with this person, there may not be a second, for certain mental reasons… " 

Additionally, did you realize that most young ladies currently out-gain young fellows? 

"As indicated by a recent report by Reach Advisors, the middle wage of single ladies between the ages of 22 and 30 is currently more noteworthy than the pay of single men in that equivalent age bunch in many urban areas all through the nation." 

I locate this captivating. The end result for social standards when ladies begin acquiring more than men? 

Away from plain view, in the sorts of discussions my high-acquiring female companions could never give me a chance to share freely, some of them disclose to me that it is so testing to discover an accomplice due to their pay. 

In case you're a 28-year-elderly person and your male accomplice all of a sudden discovered you made 2x as much as he does, how might he respond? 

Consider the possibility that you're a person, and your accomplice discovers you make 2x what they do. 

Is the circumstance any unique in case you're a man or a lady? 

I need to hear your accounts. On the off chance that you acquire more than your accomplice, does it influence your relationship? How does sexual orientation assume a job in your accounts?


A marriage did not depend on the measure of cash that both win or that one of them wins more than the other, truly in a relationship that is joined by adoration, I don't think anything occurs. 

In any case, if in that marriage the man just observes the cash, maybe he feels dominated by his accomplice and feels desire, envy, possibly he gets vexed more than typical and that marriage does not go extremely far.