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Can the ripple cryptocurrency be more useful than Bitcoin in the future?

Yes, I think so because that's what XRP was made for. It was created to be a cross borders transactions currency that would be used by banks and other financial institutions to send and receive money fast through Ripple's blockchain system at pretty low fees. Bitcoin on the other hand, in my opinion, is more like a store of value. Like gold for example. I don't see people like you and I use Bitcoin in the future as much as XRP. It's like both are valuable cryptocurrency, valued at different prices of course, but with different use cases. I believe that Bitcoin will and also already is used for buying and selling different things, but in the future I see XRP more like a currency and Bitcoin like a store of value, thus I consider XRP more useful for daily transactions. 


Yes. i believe it can. I look at Bitcoin as a coin for investment purposes only. It is too costly and too slow for every day transactions. Ripple as we all know is the coin of choice for the banks so it will have more uses than Bitcoin.