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Could man continue to evolve or has he reached the peak of evolution?

It depends on what you mean by evolution. In terms of physical evolution, scientists have surmised that were at the peak of our evolution in that aspect and they also believe that we are at a declining phase and all this is according to the journal **Frontiers in Psychology found**.

Most likely the human race will continue to evolve intellectually and we'll probably keep getting smarter and more advanced but as far as physical changes and improvements go, we're at our peak.

Humanity has steadily seen records broken over the years, with records like fastest 100m sprint, oldest living human being and so on broken in recent times but according to the journal Frontiers in Psychology found, these records will most probably never be broken again, at best, we'll see people equalling them but no one will beat them.

Let's also take into consideration the implications of global warming, this too will no doubt also have adverse effects on the way Han beings evolve and will only serve to push us back instead of to help us evolve.


We will continue evolving but not in a way you might expect it. Not in the natural way.    How we will evolve in the future is, that we will probably be made to, in a way connect to with   the "cloud "(highly advanced AI governed database). Neural links that will enable us to connect to the cloud have already been made but, they have serious bandwidth issues. Meaning, that it's already possible to connect our brain to a database but, the transfer of information is so slow that it's useless. Over time, this issue will be fixed and we will be made want to connect to the cloud.  But why would anyone ever want to do that? Imagine the power of having the knowledge  of Google and every single piece of information that exists on the internet without having to use a mobile or desktop device to search for it first. Imagine just thinking about any question you could possibly imagine  and the correct answer coming up to you in a second.  Connected to a never ending "cloud" of knowledge, the limits of what humans can do will be bent and twisted.

When this happens it will be hard to say no to connecting to the "cloud"

But I highly advocate that you never do it because even though it's going to be very  useful and everyone will do it. It is going to be used for brainwashing and mass mind control. It's a GG for the control system and their end goal. TO get us connected to the "cloud" which they control and with whom they can manipulate   us like we are their robots.