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What is your favourite Steem DApp and why?
Even though I create content with most of the DApps and I've actually haven't found the ones I really like. However DTube, DLive and Dsound are top of my list because writing is not my strength. I love micro blogging or Q&A like musing where writing skills are not matter that much.. I tried to ask these 4 questions for myself everytime I create content with Steem DApss What do you love? What are you good at? What can you be paid for? What does the world need?

Right now its steempeak.

Yep it might be boring but it just elevates everything I do for me.

The layout, the options, the look, the feel...everything

I find the side preview when creating a post much more intuitive and helpful than the scroll down to see it that steemit has.

The ability to hover over the upvotes number and see who upvoted, what % and amount value is nice

The UX is soooo much better overall than steemit or busy

Ability to choose the mode I see in (grid or standard), the amount of options I can get to from a single page (not having to go through menu's or dropdowns)

And of course the DASHBOARD!!!!! For any data driven individual this thing is just awesome

For something that i use every day,. Steempeak is definitely my #1


Now it's musing-io 100% and I will explain also why. The first that I used, if it is a DApp, it was Steemit and I still use it almost daily, but not as much as musing. For writing blog posts and using Steem and Stem Power it's perfect. Then I tried and used Steepshot also and I still come back to it from time to time, but it's crashing too much. At least on my phone. DTube I used only a couple of times and I didn't had too much interaction on my posts and neither upvotes so I am using it rarely. The rest of them I haven't tried. Musing however I use for almost a month I guess and the first thing that I like about it is that it is easy to use. Whether answering questions or addressing questions I feel more like home in here. It's like you don't have to take care that much about the punctuation and other things specific to blog posts. You just ask what you want or share what you have. It's the information and knowledge that has value and not the form in which you put it. I noticed of course that some users are putting some efforts to make their comments look like blog posts, but I don't have the patience to do that. I am more into "tweets types of posts" where you picture the whole thing in just a few words. Not to forget musing also which are highly welcomed. Making the story short, it's simple to use, fast, has a pretty nice interface and you get to meet a lot of people around here. The only downside is the spam that unfortunately is not missing from here. The end. 


Currently I spend my time mostly on two very specific SteemApps, Steemhunt and Musing.

Steemhunt because I love gadgets, tools, and new tech. Ever since I’ve been online, I’ve written about “cool tech” and geekery and thus Steemhunt is a perfect match for me, even more so because every day several tens of hunters submit hunts and there’s many awesome products to be discovered daily. Additionally, I’m also a mod for Steemhunt.

The second SteemApp I specifically dedicate time to is Musing. I’ve always loved Q&A platforms online. For me Q&A is a logical and integral pillar of the Internet and that is evidenced by how many people ask questions when querying search engines. Just like on every forum, or every community, even Twitter questions are constantly being asked.

Knowledge sharing has always been part of the internet, and that since long before the www most know now. Even bulletin boards were treasure troves of shared knowledge.

I was happy to see the first Q&A app on Steem, @what-app, and regularly checked it out from its earliest days. Sadly enough, the app didn’t gain much traction nor was an Android version released and eventually it became a ghost town.

Luckily Musing followed and has shown more perseverance already and continues to grow every day.

Aside from Steemhunt and Musing, I mostly use Steemit and/or Busy. I think SteemPeak has potential but it hasn’t yet made it to my “everything bucket” interface of choice. Not yet.


I like a couple of Steem DApps. Musing is my favorite Steem DApp. Sometimes we have questions, but we do not get the exact answer. In that case, just ask your question on Musing. You will get the exact answer. 

Here people share their knowledge and experience. When they answer questions, they answer that from their experience and expertise. You can learn a lot from Musing. 

I don't know any other platform where you might get reward for asking question. Sometimes you see upvote on questions. And that's a bonus.

If you run out of idea to create content, you can visit Musing, you will get a lot of ideas. You can make blog post or you can simply answer questions on Musing. You can get upvote from Musing for your quality answer. 

A couple of days ago I was on a trip. I was on the go and do not get much time for Steemit. That time I just grabbed my phone and answered some questions on Musing. You can use Musing on the go. You always have your phone with you, right? Then you are good to go.

People help other people answering their questions. Every time I answer question on Musing, I feel great. Your answer can motivate someone to do something that makes a huge change in her/his life.