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If you had $100K right now to invest and you're only allowed to invest in one Crypto and you can't invest in STEEM then which crypto will you buy and hold for 1-3 years?
I've my answer and I'm curious to know your answer.

I would also chose ethereum. If I could chose where to hold the ethereum for 1-3 years I would store it in a Poloniex exchange account. This is because Poloniex lets users loan out cryptocurrencies such as ethereum and collect interest on the loan. Therefore, I would be making a little extra ether while holding ethereum no matter which way the price of ethereum goes.

Ethereum is relatively near historic lows right now so it is as good of a time as any to invest in ethereum. Recent projects such as Ethereum Name Service now supporting special .xyz top level domains demonstrates ethereum is increasing its utility which opens up the possibility for more demand of the cryptocurrency.

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I would invest in IOTA, i really do like the idea and concept behind it, although they still got some difficulties. But i think the team has a really good understanding of where they want IOTA to head to. Also they seem really focused on it! :)


It will definitely be ethereum because i have faith in it and i believe it is a cryptocurrency that will be good for a long term investment,the ethereum is a crypto 

with wonderful projects that will keep increasing its demand and make it  to grow in values and that is 

why i would want to invest in it and reap on profits from my investments....


First I would draw my .45 and ask: " Who said I can't invest in STEEM?"