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What is going to happen in the next Avengers movie?

Finally an Avengers question!!

So in Avengers 3, we saw, for the first time, a villain won. Many superheroes died and vanished into thin air. The remaining heroes were left devastated and hopeless. Shield lost its leader Nick Fury. Earth and the Universe lost half of its population. What  else could happen next?

There had been tons of discussions going on elsewhere talking about time travel, captain marvel, quantum realm, etc etc. Certainly, we will see some of these happening in Avengers 4. And we will definitely see some sort of reversal by the remaining Avengers. There is no way heroes such as Spiderman, Black Panther and the GOTG crews are gone forever. We are expecting their next movies right after Avengers 4!

One of the most talked about topic that is going to happen in Avengers 4 is Who will Die, permanently. As we know, the contract of RDJ, Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth with Marvel Studios will expire after Avengers 4, this movie will have one of more of them sacrificing and be dead forever. This is probably the most sensible way to end the character and finish the contract of the actor. My guess is it will be Captain America. But don't be surprise to see more than one superheroes dying. There is a chance that all the original Avengers will be gone, as Marvel pave the way for next batch of Avengers for the next 10 years.