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Have you ever being in Love?
Love is a wonderful feeling experienced by many,some people have been tends to enjoy every bits of being in love while some don't feel the same .Either ways ,every individual has their own perception about love,what is your own perception about LOVE????
Indeed I have encountered genuine romance and it is excellent. Intimate romance contacts your inward being, filling you with warmth and light and satisfaction. You look after the other individual's prosperity more than your own. You long for all the manners in which you can deal with them more than you long for all the manners in which you need them to deal with you.

It additionally enables another person to hurt you. You get appallingly hurt and furious when that happens, yet can't remain distraught at them for long in light of the fact that remaining frantic damages you more.

Intimate romance is uncommon and few out of every odd one has encountered it. So relatively few individuals comprehend it. It is past the physical fascination and has that easy and serene quality.

It probably won't be your first love or even the last one, however what isolates it from your different connections is the most profound association with somebody that you feel in your spirit, in your bones. It is the most entire and sacrificial sentimental relationship you can ever understanding.
more than i like but i fear i ran out after the last few times

it's not something you choose though, id never go looking for it, or get on dating sites, i feel its something that happens, it overwhelms and then it is

dating , mixing and all that sounds like browsing in a supermarket for used goods to me

and as long as i live in belgium i swore i would not have a romantic or sexual relationship again

if i'm stuck here for the rest of my life then so be it, ive had my share, i know what naked women look like , i know what it feels like to sit on a cloud

and i know what its like to have your heart torn out and stomped on
When the first time I loved the girl of a Pratima named. Friends she was 2 years older than me and friends were my one-way love. Now he has also got married to anyone. His first love is missing. But he heard that people who do not love the loved one. I give it God's happiness to give it. Only a person who is my cunt of the eyebrows. I live that live now my wife is now. Friends I will now be in the figure of any girl in my life. Now all I have just thought of a bad thing. Now I have thought that now my love is my choice. I will be a dream of one who I will fulfill his parents and her will be married to her girl. Then he will be everything I can.
Yes, I have and it was a beautiful time. To me, love is:

- Liquid joy (if there is such a word) that spreads to every part if your body when you think of your loved one. It is wanting to spend every waking moment with them. It is being with them, and being filled with joy.

- Love is disagreeing or fighting when you have differing views on issues, but having peace still.

- Love is being fully committed to this person, putting their happiness and comfort above yours because you know in their happiness you have your joy.