What is craziest thing you have ever done absent minded??

I once shot someone out of self defence with a stun gun in the shoulder. He fel on the ground making some sudden movements while 90 000 volt flew through his body. There also came some foam out of his mouth. 

It looked painful but the guy was under influence of drugs and wanted to fight with me. I don't fight with people, i'm just a skinny guy i don't even weigh 60kg. 


I never really do anything crazy when I'm absent-minded -- or I suppose because I'm abset-minded I never really noticed them or pay any mind to them -- but if "saying things" is a form of "doing", then I can tell you that I have said a lot of things -- dumb things --absent minded.

I remember once my best friend's girlfriend was around and we were all in the living room having fun and the conversations were getting so interesting. I was really getting into it and in the spur of the moment I just decided to say something totally stupid.

I blurted out a secret shared by my best friend and I about his previous relationship. Of course I caught myself pretty fast and I tried to change what I said, manipulate its context as much as possible etc, but my best friend heard and just looked at me in this ridiculous way, but thankfully his girlfriend didn't.

Another absent-minded regret was with my mum.

I had been exposed to too many western cultures and the culture is completely different here, so my mum gets angry at me for something I didn't do and she started to go on and on and yelling at me and being completely mad and I just said it: I said "mum why are you being mad" - and that doesn't sound like something very derogatory to other people but if you're from around here, you know that you're not supposed to say that to your parent.

She got really mad, of course, and I had already said what I said so I couldn't take it back, so I got really mad too. In the end she punished me severely. Good times.

So there you have it: the craziest thing I ever said/did absent-minded.


 JAJAJA I have a funny story, once I was talking to a friend about whatsapp and out of laziness I started sending him voice notes since I talk too much.

 In a moment I got distracted a lot and I sent him a note of 30 seconds, he responds surprised and he says: you listened to the voice note that you sent me? and me: umm nop why? and he says: Listen it.  

When I heard the note I realized that I repeated the word "and I said" 11 times in a row, I swear I laughed a lot and it made me feel a little bit because I only said that word in the voice note to say a silly phrase.

Another funny story was that one day I was lying in my mom's room watching a movie with my dad, and distracted began to put my tongue coiled next, and my dad was watching me thinking: what's wrong with this crazy now? but I was so focused on the movie that I did not realize it, until my dad told me please for that it disturbs me to see you JAJAAJA.

 I was rolling my tongue like this:


I am used to eating my lunch on my desk and there's this one time when I was about to prepare a coffee for the day. I placed 2 containers, a bowl for my vinegar and hot water for my coffee.

I was totally thinking of something and was spacing out, I didn't realize that I was pouring the coffee into the vinegar. I was stirring it like nothing was wrong, my mind was still floating.

Almost emptying the sachet of coffee I came back to my senses and jump off when I realized that I poured the coffee in the vinegar and not in the water.

And it was my last sachet of coffee. My day was doomed.