Do Indians like the taste of spicy food?
I heard Indians use spices on their food because it would store longer in the hot temperatures. Do they really enjoy it? I think spicy food gives a burning sensation in the mouth which is not really that enjoyable.

I am not from India. But I really like to taste different kind of spicy food. It feels like a journey to the food or to the road of taste.

We all got different choice in our life. But as we are from different culture and grow up eating different kind of food. So it does not work equally to everyone. You may not like the taste of spice. It is okey.  If you would taste from your childhood, then you would not taste other food without spice. 

India and countries around India have a long history of spice. Culturally we use spice in different thing, not just in food. So we used to its smell and taste. That is the other reason we feel joy consuming spicy food. 

The taste of a food works scientifically in our brainSpice also have many health benefits. So we take them not only for taste but also for health issues. And yes spice make the food more durable to be eatable for long. The culture grows as because of the influences of the environment. 

 and body. We like those food in our comfort zone and enjoy that. My mother do not eat burger. The taste of cheese does not attracts her. As because she did not eat cheese from her childhood, it feels like smelly to her.  People who do not love the taste of spice have the same thing happened to them as my mother.

But I really get used to spice. Without spice I could not enjoy the food. I take extra chilly or paprika on my food when I go outside. It is because it is my comfort zone of taste. And it is also happened to most of the Indians I think. They will never enjoy other food which do not have certain level of hot or spice. I also saw people to carry their own chilly to restaurants. This is how the taste works on us.   

We raised up in different culture and consume different foods. It may seems normal to one corner of the globe and in other part it may seems very abnormal. Which is  normal phenomena. 

Enjoy your food and have a nice day. 


We Indians have a very strong heritage of spicy food culture and that is not just tasty, but healthy too. There is a wrong message spread by some people that spicy food are not healthy. Although excessive spice is not that good but the common average spicy food is good for health. Also I would like to tell you that this sort of food suits the atmosphere we live in and the temperate climate also suits that.

If you are not used to with spicy food then yes it may give you a burning sensation but if you are a regular one, then I do not think one can have such a sensation. Within India, even in micro level and from states to states the quantum of spices varies and there are many varieties of spicy dish you can find India and if you see those varieties then you realize that it is incredible India. If you are not staying in India, then I would like to invite to you to make a trip to India and taste those spicy food and I can guarantee, you can never forget the taste of those food.


I'm not from India but I occasionally like to it mid-spicy food from Indian / Thai cuisines and I like it. Not exactly the "hot" sensation of eating it but more into the flavour of the food.

The spice is actually adding more intensity to the flavour of the dish. It adds kick or punch to the taste of the food. Although I was overwhelmed on my first try of eating these dishes, I tend to enjoy eating it now that I get used to the spice.



My name is Amar and I live in India. Well, You are right we Indian like the most Tasty and Spicy food because from the ancient time India is brilliant in making good Spices. I eat good spicy and tasty food everyday but with balance. 

Thank you & Have a Good Day/Night!


Does a bear shit in woods ?

I can't get enough of that hyderabadi biryani and some tandoori chicken...


Spicy DOES NOT mean hot .

It means aromatic , multi layer profile of taste , chemical concoction that keeps bringing you back.