Did you make money in 2018 with crypto?
Investments have done bad in general. The crypto markets but also stocks since the geopolitical tensions there are. Are you on a profit this year with your crypto investments?

I'm no trader and/or investor for any crypto coin out there, what I am however is a "pure" content creator on Steem who is purely relying on payouts from his contents to hopefully earn some extra money via crypto. 

Whatever I earn from my posts/comments are automatically profits for me. So far according to SteemWorld.org, I have now earned around 2,612.75 Steem from my now year long one post/day streak on Steem. 

It is worth to note here that the number above includes liquid rewards like SBD, the SBD value is just converted to Steem value for easily estimation. With Steem at around $0.22 that is a year long profit of around $576 USD. I still have an effective SP of only around 1700+

For some that number might not be much, but when you think that the only thing you are doing here is sharing your passions, interests, thoughts and opinions to others. A $576 a year is not that bad! In my country, that amount can now buy me a laptop! So yeah I did make money this year.

Also starting from October of this year, I have been cashing out some of my liquid Steem/SBD to pay for my monthly internet bills. I've also purchased some game credits online like DOTA2 and even bought an external Hard Drive from the money I earned here.

So yeah! I did make some money with Crypto! Thanks to a Freemium blockchain service like Steem. XD



I made money from ZWERL and it is not crypto related. I also made money by creating advert content for business owners.


Well this year have been really crazy as a matter of fact . The way it started it really showed many good things are coming along the way of crypto and I along with many other investors were able to take some profits with the investments that were made. 

While like we saw, this year was one of the golden year for crypto but also as of now we are seeing some huge drop for crypto currencies. While in the coming days it is not certain what will happen  but if it might go below then we might see capitulation happening resulting something bad for the market.  Which might happen in the next few days but as a matter of fact we really hope that this situation does not really comes in the market. 

Apart from that coming to the question, YES, I did made some money in the early start of 2018 and it was the best part in my crypto investment and as a matter of fact as of now I am in a loss mode with the reinvestment that I made. 

While I have seen the bull run/downtrend of BTC and altcoins  so I am going to hold my coins for long terms and I will fine with the loss right now. 

So let's see what does the market holds for us in the next couple of days which will decide how the next year might go. 

Hoping for the best !!


 Umm, not sure because I have seen the crypto market is down but I still hope crypto prices rise up soon. If not this year then I'm pretty much sure starting the next year we will make money with crypto. Yesh, I have collected some money in this year 2018 and I believe I'll get good profit with my crypto coins.

I'm still using Dapps and I just hope I'll get the good result from crypto. I am doing still hard work here because I like to spend here, I like online work. Online opportunities are the best which you can do easily at home.

If you working hard then surely everyone wants something good profit. Investment is also a good way to best improvement in their work because in future surely we will get some good result. 


Hi there,

No, I didn't made any money in 2018  but some of my friend made good money during 2018 bull run. Actually, 1 year before I didn't had any idea about Crypto but I am here from last 6 months. 

Than you & Have a Good Day/Night!


Honestly, i only make money from STEEM during 2018. Starting from around July 2018. Well, the amount is not big enough, because I can only collect 2,100+ STEEM as long as I am active in dApps.

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Not so. All that i made in the last few months since i find steemit i kept it in my account because i am sure later it will worth.😉

It is sad to see that even every day i have sime reward my account ballance in USD and EUR is always less and less but this is business. Once up once down.


Yeah I did make money here on Steemit. I posted about it back in January:  https://steemit.com/steemit/@artgirl/money-update-post-6-my-2018-steemit-earnings 

As for crypto, no I didn't exactly make much money in BTC. Everything went crashing down so I lost money actually. Lol. Now it's going back up again. I won't bother anymore. It's all just a hype for me this time. Might as well invest in something else. :D


Yeah i made $150 ending of 2018, but i made $18,500 from January to Early March... So #Crypto do pay a lot believe me...


Oh yeah I sure did, steemit is da bomb. What more can i say but say again steemit was and still da bomb