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What are good bid bots that accept steem instead of steemdollar?
Most profitable bid bots ask steem dollars, are there any bots that accept steem for payment?

While as of this current moment in my opinion using bidbots could not be the best option. If a user is looking for increasing Reputation score than it could be done while the price of Steem rises (As we are talking about only Steem right now)

Nevertheless, it is always upto the user who wants to use the bidbot  can choose to do so anytime. 

While apart from minnow booster it is really hard to find a profitable bot but as we are skipping by the requirement that you mentioned in your question as it prefers SBD over Steem right now. 

So instead it would be better for you to check out https://steembottracker.com where you can find bots and they are mostly bidding bots so it would be easier to choose from and the usage of them has quite decreased(due to the Steem price) you might find some nice deal as well. 

source: Steembottracker.com

All the best, hope it helps.


Hi You can try @entrust . Entrust is a bid bot and they accept steem . You can check their website . https://entrust.netlify.com/ . Please do check their link and visit their steemit page.  They give 100% bot earnings to their delegators too. You can also bid for as low as 0.05 Steem or SBD . I have been using this bid bot for a while now and I am satisfied with their service . You should try too .


In my opinion there is no logic to use bot this time . Because of the current you use bot , you will not get good profits. You are more likely to be lost. So I would say that now it is better to not use bots. But if you want to use bot I can give you some suggestions, which are good and which will be more profitable . If you currently use bot for profit, you can not do it. If you use bots to increase your reputation, you can use the bot

I'm talking about some bid bots below and some of them give the details here

The bid bots I'll first talk about are @tipu. This will upvote you a certain amount of time. You can use it In my opinion it's better to use now.

Secondly, I would say, @booster is great. You can try it and use it

You go to https://steembottracker.com. You can get all the details here and you can invest in whatever you like


By the way which bid bot you are currently using? I think from the many bots available Minnowbooster take SBD only as bid. All other bots mostly accept both steem and sbd  as valid bid for an upvote.

However if you do consider your existing bot as profitable then what is the problem with SBD, you can convert your STEEM to SBD by an ease with internal market and that is quite fast and almost instant. So if you feel, that bot is profitable then instead of looking for other bots which accept steem, it will be far better to convert steem in to SBD and use that SBD for bidding in your existing profitable bot.

Thank you and Have a great day.


I thought most bid bots accept both Steem and SBD.


Unless you know what you are doing you will lose money on the bots. Even when you know what you are doing you always have the possibility of some idiot coming in and over bidding the bot at the last minutes thus making you get negative ROI.