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Are there any people making a full time income on steemit?
Are there any people here on steemit making a fulltime income? Or are most people doing this for hobby/sidejob?

Yes, for some people posting to Steem is a full-time job. I know at least one who has been able to survive on creating content alone. That person is struggling now but was making unbelievable money early this year. But I suspect most of those for whom Steem income is their main income are the earliest adopters who mined STEEM in the spring of 2016. Back then, it was possible to mine massive amounts of STEEM. Almost nobody had heard of the platform, yet. Every Steem Whale (> 500,000 SP) has mined the vast majority of their STEEM. I think so because to live only by self-upvoting takes massive amounts of SP if you live in an expensive country. For example, to earn $100 per day by self-upvoting or by circle upvoting (the same thing, basically), you need about 220,000 SP. While technically that's not enough to be a Whale, that's the equivalent of a large Orca and most likely mined. 

In a second world country, where $10 a day might be enough to live on for a single person with no dependents, you'd still need 22,000 SP. I guess few Steemians in the southeast of Europe, the Middle East or some of the more well-off Southeast Asian countries have that kind of SP. 

In a third world country where 2,200 SP might be just enough for subsistence at $1 per day, I suspect very few people in that income bracket would have access to broadband Internet or even a bank account to cash out their Steem income into. 

So, at the current level of STEEM prices, it seems to me most people who can make a living on Steem tend to be relatively young people without dependents living in middle-income or rich countries. Some may supplement their Steem income with fiat-paid side jobs or welfare benefits.


Yes, there are indeed quite a lot of people making a living from Steem.

But, before you quit your dayjob, take a calculator, and see what "making a living" means for you, because it means a lot of different things for a lot of different people.

For instance: the place where you live will make a difference (expensive city in an expensice country vs cheaper countryside village in a cheaper country), if you are a single, or have a spouse, do you have children you need to take care of? What is your requirement of luxury? Do you see "making a living" as in: living in a one-room-appartment with a bed, wifi and running water, eating apples all day, or does "making a living" mean living in a 10-bedroom condo with a Porsche on the driveway, and being able to eat out every meal for you?

Quite a difference in meaning of the same saying "making a living", right?


Yes there are some that I know of.

They are lucky to be supported by some larger accounts and they do a couple of posts a day. It is risky as Steem has dropped from $8 down to 80 c or so. The good thing is when the coin is very low you do grow a lot quicker.

If you are able to live off Steem at 80 or 90 c when it goes back up to$5 or $10 then it should be a lot easier.

I wouldn't recommend iy unless you have a substantial account and a large following.  A passive income is possible but I would rather just power up and grow getting to a point where it is possible quicker.

There are some other accounts that are run like a business and are very big now but that is only because they are in a voting pool and their rewards are roughly the same every day.


Yes , I think there are any people making a full time income on steemit blockchain. if we say it only steemit then it can't possible. But we can say it steem blockchain then it can possible.

When we say it only steemit, it means that only from steemit.com. If anyone works in steemit.com then it's so hard for income. But it is possible to get full time income from steemit. I think from steemit.com we can earn a few.

On the other hand, when we say it steem blockchain. Steem blockchain has many dapps such as steemit, dtube, steemhunt, musing etc. Dtube is a video streaming platform. If you make a quality video then you will get a massive upvote from dtube community. Musing is a questioning and answering platform. Musing only upvoted quality comments. I think if anyone work on steem blockchain he/she can earn a massive money. And it can possible to get a massive full time income from steem blockchain.

At last it can be said that there are amy people marking a full time income on steem blockchain.


They sure are.

There are plenty of Steemians who are working hard and making their earnings from here and they are indeed doing very well as well. While some are just exploring the world of Steem Blockchain and they are as well taking it seriously like I did.

They are contributing for the community and they are getting their rewards of their work in a decent amount and one of the most important thing that they are loving what they do.

As taking this as one of their full time work many have reached to the destination of success in here as well.  So yeah it will take time to be here and to get recognized but it will all be worth it once you get a handsome reward once one get to establish a nice position for thyself.

So yeah it is really possible to make a full time income from Steemit.


yes there ppl making fulltime income on steemit. Be the top 1%. i see some making 10,000 steem per mth.  

Most of the ppl having a hardtime even breaking tat $0.00. With discipline and knowing what to do, making 1 steem a day is very possible.

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