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How are people making money in the crypto community?
Most things are not worth the time. What methods are still earning decent money?

There are a number of ways that you can earn money in the crypto space. In no particular order:

1) Mining: This is how it started, and there are still people today who are mining for coins on "proof-of-work" blockchains. The miners have specialized supercomputers that solve increasingly difficult mathematical equations. In return for solving the equations and thus maintaining the blockchain, they're given coins from that blockchain as a reward that they can sell or keep. 

2) Faucets: You likely won't make much here, but there are sites called "faucets" that allow you to sign up and get small amounts of various cryptos every day. While they can add up over time, you likely won't get rich with this method.

3) Basic Income: Some sites like Mana give away limited supplies of tokens every week to their subscribers. Rather than being a site that mines other coins and distributes them, Mana seeks to provide a basic income to all people in their network. It's free to sign up, and everyone gets the same amount of tokens every week, regardless of how many tokens they already have. 

4) Blogging: Sites like Steemit.com and it's other user interfaces give people the opportunity to get paid for their work by posting it on a social media-style site where people vote on content they like. The votes get paid out as coins/tokens of Steem that the user can power up to allow them more control over the rewards that are given, or they can sell them. Note that powered up Steem does grow over time. 

5) Speculating: Just as someone can speculate on stocks and commodities, a person can buy cryptos with the intention to sell them when the price goes up. The derivative markets are still being developed, so it's still difficult to short cryptos (bet that the price will go down), but that is coming "soon."

6) ICOs: Initial Coin Offerings are like a company's Initial Public Offering of stock, except the buyer is given tokens/coins instead of shares of stock. Although many of the ICOs that have happened in the last few years have been nothing short of scams, there are some legitimate ones taking place. Buyer beware, and DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!

7) Designing apps: there are blockchains that allow other apps to be run on top of them (such as Steem or Ethereum) and a developer can create a product that runs on that blockchain. Rather than creating their own blockchain, the developer can run a great idea on top of another platform. If it's a good idea, it can earn a lot of money. 

8) Games: Similar to apps that reside on blockchains, developers are now creating blockchain-based games where all the movements and transactions are tracked. This will open a whole new world of gaming, and with it will come lots and LOTS of money. A great starter example of this is Steem's own "Steem Monsters." All the cards, battles, and transactions are done and stored on the Steem blockchain. It's a work in progress, but the developers have already earned quite a bit of money off the project. 

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to earn money from cryptocurrencies. It's just about finding a niche that is interesting to you, and then doing the research and taking the time to understand what you're doing. Then, get out there and see what happens!

Good luck!

tl;dr There are lots of options. Some require startup capital. Others require knowledge. All require risk. Just find the one that's right for you.

(Note: Not financial advice. Do your own research.)


I would be giving my honest opinion. I have been in this for some time and wondering how we make money using cryptos. This is my own version of the story of what I am doing and what I think are ways to earn cash through cryptos. I give my own opinion because everything when I go to google and search such topic, they give us really tough things to do to earn those cryptos. 

I tried early own when I heard about cryptos. Everyone around me were saying how dangerous it was to invest in such a thing. That time, I tried to earn by buying Ethereum. I never knew that there were others other than the legendary Bitcoin.I went and bought a bit of Ethereum from remitano.com. 

At that time Eth was about 1000 a piece. One day I needed some cash and I sold it at a lost and did not understand why there was a lost. I had no resources of any cryptos. BTC was something new and I din know much about it. I just ignored it and one day my sister told me about steemit. I din have any idea at all. I just joined anyways, waited two weeks and finally i was in. I did not really think much and just did some stuff on musing and steemit and at first the amount of returns was maybe around 5 a week steem. Or less. 

One day, after watching a documentary about A.I and It talked about BTC, i got a bit interested and started reading a lot. At this moment of time, I think it's hard to mine coins as it requires a lot of cost and it is not that profitable to do so unless you use some cheap energy that you invented. Then you need experts who know how to teach you how to mine. I dont have any one who can do that in my city. I think we can still mine other coins if we did our research and get a mining rig. This is not for me. All i have said is only based on my own opinion and I dont intend to be offensive or judgemental of other comments as these are purely only what i think. 

i tried faucets and one thing about faucets is , it's like colllecting these one cents per week or even ten cents. it is really easy just click on 'get' button and bingo you got some satoshis. I tried that and it took a long time to even just accumulate to ten cents. 

If you got money, you can invest into the top ten cryptos. I think they are all relatively low at the moment. Invest only in cash that you can afford to lose. 

For me, I am working hard on musing to write as much quality work as i can and on steemhunt. It's turning out all right. More to write but next time. hehehe.. 

Luuee Tang