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Is it ethical to use upvote bots?
By using upvote bots you gain from the system without bringing in more value. Do you think it's a fair practice?

@steemflagrewards is an independent project which incentivise flagging practices harmful to the platform,  among many, spam, plagiarism, scam, and bid bot abuse.

It is okay to buy a portion of your up-votes to improve visibility of your content.

Many curators only take interest in content that shows reliably nice numbers.

And it don't have to be $200 per post. 

You're more likely to get up-votes and engagement if you post have $2 value, than if it have $0.01.

It's human psychology.

Moderation is the key. 99% of you post value is bot votes, what did you exactly do but hand over liquid Steem ready to pump out of the platform?

You can do it, but don't be surprised if people begin to down-vote your content. It obviously don't deserve high rewards if it's just bought votes.

Steem is a free country, however, you don't own the potential payout before 7 days. 

I wish more people down-voted bot abusers, or at least delegate SP to projects which do.


For me, it depends on the purpose. If you buy votes to have more fans or followers based on quality content, it's good. But if you are just posting word-spinning articles or with only one image, no sooner or later you will receive negative effect.


It depends on the situation in which you use them.

 If you have good content and use them to get visibility and that people know you, it is totally acceptable and ethical use.  

But if you deviate from this, it will not be ethical to use them. If you are looking to earn only money without sharing good content, or want to win contests, its use is not ethical at all.