Do you sometimes play new songs over and over?
Sometimes when i hear a new song that i really like i put it on repeat for a few days. Then i'm so bored of the song that i don't listen to it anymore for a while. Sounds familiar?


A lot


Yes of course especially if the beats really got into me


Yes, sometimes.

I am more on trying to sing it or sing while playing the song online over and over again, until I got bored or loss the interest.

So, I would search for the lyrics or the videoke version of it online and will play it several times.


Yes, I sure do! My hubby is very patient, lol.  :D


That's just me! I love music, and when I got to hear a new song, and I really liked it, I will play it over and over again. I will look for the lyrics on YouTube, and sing along with it. It can happen for days. But I get tired of a song so easily. I don't want to hear the song again after that. After a long time of not listening to the song, I will miss it, and play it again, especially when it's been years. It can be nostalgic.

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Yeah I do this sometimes, although I wont just put it on repeat - I would rather listen to it maybe once or twice a day, otherwise I will get sick of it quickly.