What job would you be terrible at?

I'm terrible at 99% of jobs. 

I have done some jobs as technician and every single company i worked for fired me. The problem is i'm very easy bored as hell. The only thing i actually enjoy is trading cryptocurrency and stocks because it's something which is very difficult to master. So i can challenge myself. I'm not someone to do a brain death job all day long or i would become depressed. And most jobs don't pay that much, i'm about the money. It's better to own the company than work for a company because you can't scale up your income when you work for an hourly wage. There are only a limited amount of hours you can work in a day.

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Hmmm... I haven't really thought about this. I'm into arts/designing, writing, using the computer... Hmmm... Let's see. Oh I know, I'd be terrible at anything I do for the first time! Haha. 

I've done plenty of things and it's always terrible at the start so I don't think I'd really be terrible at any job as time goes on. Oh but wait, I would probably suck at programming. I so hated it back in college. It would probably have been fun if we had a computer back then but doing all the coding by renting was just not interesting to me then. Even if I have my own computer now I sure won't start doing it. Sure I can do some basic html and css but that's not really programming at all. Haha. I'm happy to have experienced using a few programs before but I really don't want to do anything of the sort anytime soon, so there. Haha. That's where I would be terrible at because I don't like it.

Oh and I remember there was this job I applied where you have to repeat what the caller was saying to a disabled person word for word. You'd think it's easy but man I don't want to subconsciously absorb whatever they are saying by being a "robot" and repeating the words as soon as I hear any. It's not that easy at first yes but I really don't want to know what anyone has to say to someone especially if I am not interested with the topic.  Also we're not supposed to even bother with the meaning and just say it as soon as we hear the words. Those words would go straight to the agent's subconscious mind I tell you. No way am I gonna be doing that at all thank you very much. Haha.


I tend to feel dizzy easily and I can't stand for long. I don't know if it's an health effect, haven't had time to run a test but whichever work that will require me to stand up for a long period of time or do hard labour is a NO for me, I would likely faint.


I am generally good at most jobs, but I think if I had to work in a meat production house, killing or packaging animals, I would be terrible at that.

I remember a time when I was a little girl and my family went to my grandparents home for the weekend. My grandmother asked my cousin to go and get a chicken for dinner and I went with him.

I did not know he was going to ring the neck of the chicken and that the chicken would run around helpless and in agony prior to dying. I thought that this was the cruelest thing I’ve ever seen. I started to cry and at dinner time, I would not eat any of the meat at the table.

Thank you for your question.



Sales!!! I hate the idea of approaching people to convince them to buy something, I suck at it.. I tried to learn the skill a couple of times and got so frustrated to the extent that I had no choice but to admit that it is not just for me..


A lawyer. I am a terrible liar, and can't comfortably defend anyone. I wanted to study law at the university, but thank God, I wasn't given admission. LOL


I used to wonder what the answer to this question was, but thankfully thanks to my experience this past couple months I have actually found it:

I've found that I'm actually pretty terrible at sales jobs. I've always kind of suspected that I wouldn't be very good at it, mainly because the idea of approaching people and trying to sell them stuffs, especially stuffs that I know that they don't really need, but trying to come up with something catchy or attractive to get then to buy it has always seem to me something not very "clean".

But thanks to certain occurrences in my life i was forced to actually try seeming stuffs and can i tell you: I really suck at it!

I reckon if circumstances don't get me fired soon I might have to pretty much fire myself. That's how terrible I am.

Of course I have my fingers crossed that somehow something will just snap over and everything will change overnight and I'll become a really badass sales agent and what not.

I wouldn't hold my breath though


I might just be terrible with local farming, my experience with local farmers during my one year of service made me realize that it is not a job for weak or lazy people.

That job requires strength, labour and patience. At the end of the day, the output might not even be as favourable as expected.