There are wonderful men who know how to treat a woman?
What qualities or abilities should they have? What do you think?

Yeah. Lots of them. The idea is to find them, but there is. Wonderful men are those who respect women and accept them with all their defects. That they understand them, that in spite of the problems, they are always supporting others. That they collaborate with others no matter how tired they are or how much effort they have to make to help them. A wonderful man is not only a good couple, he is also a good father, a good friend, a good son, a good brother. Men who are wonderful are not afraid to cry, because they know that crying will not make them less men. They don't feel sorry for cooking, cleaning, kissing or publicly accepting their mistakes. A wonderful man is one who works without laziness and yet smiles when he comes home, who solves, who directs, who looks on the positive side at things. 

nonechangeles, there are many wonderful men you may know but you haven't noticed! Because a wonderful man doesn't say he is, it's up to us to identify them by their actions. 


 If a man have these qualities then he know how to treat women. Its depend upon how much they good how much they polite.If Men have good understanding what actually woman want.this is best quality for them..Mostly experience person know how to treat women. But if you not have experience then you must take advice from other.Some men are desirable It's mean they want to achieve something good for their family. They always pay attention towards their goal and always give value to other. They are very kind and polite and they know how to deal with their wife mother and other woman. This kind of person have multi quality and they know how to handle different situation in different circumstances. Good appearance also include in this. If men are open minded this best quality It's not just attach with one quality combination of quality make man perfect. 


 There are wonderful men. Fortunately I have one of them by my side. My husband is a very special being. Throughout all the years that we have together he has always treated me with much love, respect and consideration.  She has made me feel like a beloved woman and has valued everything about me. She has always supported me and been present through the good times and the bad with a loving hand. He is an excellent son and the best father I could find for my daughter. He is peaceful, positive and with an excellent sense of humor. He spoils me, respects my spaces, knows what I like and tries to make me happy from the beginning of the day when he takes my coffee to bed. He is one of the few wonderful men who exist and I won the lottery when I met him more than 30 years ago.  I pray to God to give us a lot of health to continue on the path of life for many more years.


That would just be picky. The most important quality that wonderful men should have is the clear intention to live his life with that women and be ready for compromise. Be able to think for two. A team player.


Yes there are...


Well I really believe that there are wonderful men who still really know how to treat a woman,example of those men is my father,my father is a good man with a heart of

gold and he respects women a lot and he knows how to treat them right,he was a very wonderful husband to my mother and he was also a good father to his kids,he

believes that every woman deserves to be treated nicely and he always made us realize that a true gentleman should ensure he treats people nicely both men and

women,he is a lovely and caring man...my elder brother is also a good man that knows how to treat women and I guess he learnt that from my dad...