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Would you ever feel comfortable using bidbots? In what situation would you deem it okay to use bidbots?

In my opinion, bid bots with their current form are a cancer for the platform. They just attract all the wrong people who btw also get dissapointed since they paid $$ to get to the trending page only to find out nobody actually reads it anymore cause its shit. And then the power down and leave.

Furthermore, newbies come, see shitposts with outrageous rewards and get all the wrong expectations about how this place works. And they also get dissapointed and leave.

Not to mention how legit users hardly get any publicity because their quality posts is below a huge pile of shit thanks to bid bots. And guess what? Many get dissapointed and leave.

So tldr, bid bots are a cancer that imo slowly kills the platform along with some other things. I like Steemit so I don't plan to use them anytime soon.


I have been using bid bots at the beginning of my experience on Steem but only for a few times and with small amounts of Steem invested in. Something like a maximum of 5 Steem per post. I was pretty comfortable doing that for a while but then I realized that I was wasting my Steem for nothing other than a few reputation points and I quit them. I understand some posts "needing" to be posted to trending page because there are apps or some users making important announcements so in this case it's somehow "legit" but other than that I think that most of the posts on the trending page don't deserve that amount of rewards even if they are bought. I haven't been using bid bots for months though and don't plan on using them anymore. I am also encouraging every new user to make his own path and to have patience. Once you have something to offer and lots of perseverance in your pocket rewards will come and so big reputation numbers, if you care about such numbers. I am over with bid bots though and gradually have unfollowed people that are using them. I want to have an organic community as much as possible. 


Since my current plan is to put everything I get on platform, I think that bidbots are a useful way to support your income. Getting a ROI on what you have now on the platform is amazing. Much better, if you are pushed into the heat of trends or trends for your labels, it will get additional prospects and positive votes. This is probably one of the main routes of publication for the new Steemians.