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How important is the family to the development of a nation?

A country represents the society. Any societal change impacts the country in a big way. 

Imagine a country where the crime rate is high, kids are not safer, numerous diseases, people keep burning garbage/tyres, do not bother about waste management, students do not attend classes, depleting natural resources but the cost of living is low, well connected by all countries, no visa. Would you like to live in such country ? Or atleast visit that country as tourist for a week ?

A honest answer would be NO!

All the above mentioned problems arise due to fragile family values. A society is nothing but a bundle of families. If the values and ethics of families are strong then it forms a good society. A good society is very much required for development of any nation.

The development story of any nation is incomplete without its people. A strong bonding, love, care, helping tendency, respect within the family yields much greater results and definitely impacts the nation in many ways. 

Your country is represented the way... 

  • How you behave
  • How you treat others
  • How do you choose your leader
  • How do you contribute towards the society
  • How do you help govt by paying taxes, obeying law, criticize wrong-doing.
  • How do you educate your children and others in your locality.

To conclude, it is really very important to have a healthy happy families for the development of a nation.


Well seeing as the family is the building block of the society and a nation is nothing if not a society, I think the family is probably the most important thing with regards to the development of a nation.

Let's put it this way, the very morals, beliefs, laws and doctrines that make up the core values of a nation are gotten from the family; infact, in a sense, a nation is actually just one big family. Development of a country has to start from the foundation and move all the way to the top and there isn't a more fitting foundation for a country than the family.

Well to answer this question we have to first determine what we mean by "development of a country" and to me it could mean alot of things which range from socioeconomic and infrastructural growth to reduction in crime rates and poverty. The thing is that it's the family that will be the first point of contact for any development that occurs in a nation.

It's the family that determines whether or not a country is moving forward or not. If the quality of life of the family unit hasn't improved then we can't very well say that a country country is developing. In truth the essence behind developing a country is to make things easier for the people and the nothing represents the people more than the family.

In the case of crime rates, I believe that the family is key to reducing crime rates. If children are brought up properly under good supervision then the likelihood of them becoming criminals is significantly reduced.

In my opinion, the family serves as a yard stick for measuring the level of development of a country, it's also the family that serves as the first point of contact between children and the society. The development of a country must start from the development of its people and nothing develops people more than the family.

I hope this helps.


This is a very important question I must commend.

Well the family is very important and plays a very crucial role in the development of a nation.

Most people don't understand the importance of the family in such light but the truth is this,if the families are having problems it's going to rub off on the nation as a whole.

The coming together of a man and woman makes up the first family and as children comes it gets bigger, family gives birth to community and community gives birth to a town and then cities which goes on to become a nation.

So if the families are bad and not well trained it is going to be a major problem to the whole nation as a whole.

So the family is so much important that we should not ignore the growth, health and development of the family because from it will the nation comes forth.

A healthy families give birth to a healthy nations,a Godly families will also produce a Godly nations.


Family is very important to the development of a nation.

We lives in a family. Family plays a great role in everyone's life. Because family teach us many things which we need to live a peaceful and decent life with others. To live in a society we all have to maintain some rules and regulations. Family concerned us how to behave with others and how to live with others with peace and harmony.

Family also helps us to know about what is good or what is bad. If our family don't helps us to know about good or bad we can't live. Family helps us to know right or wrong. If family can't able to teach anyone about good or bad and right or wrong we will do antisocial activities and harmful works as he doesn't know about good or bad and right or wrong.

But if a person known about good or bad and right or wrong, he will not do any harmful works and antisocial activities. If a family able to know any person about good or bad and right or wrong, then it can be said that he or she will help to the development of their nation. On the other hand if a family fails to know any person about good or bad and right or wrong, he will not help to the development of their nation as he doesn't know about good or bad and right or wrong.

So, it can be said that family is very important to the development of the nation.