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What does this platform(musing) mean to you and how has it contributed to your growth on the steem blockchain?

Musing has mean a lot for me. As i was about to leave steemit platform as i was making a post as much as longer and knowledgeable but when i came next day the earning is next to zero. So it was disappointed me a lot and was looking for any new platform to earn and take respect. My friend suggested me musing platform and told give your best opinion and try to solve other queries. From the same day i started working on musing platform and from 43 reputation it took me upto 50.5 reputation today and i m very much happy this days as i am only working with musing platform.

It has contributed a lot in my life and my portfolio too. Musing has increased my reputation in steem blockchain and gave me such position where people think the account is reputed. As there are lot's of bots today on steemit platform so good post are not been rewarded and 50% people left this platform. But i was always stick on this platform and i really thank my friend to gave me such a platform to keep my voice in front of audience.  


Musing is an adjective that has synonyms as follows: brooding, contemplative, meditative, pensive, contemplating, reflective, and ruminative wise. It shows or is marked by careful thinking. calm, long and caring consideration.

When I log in to this platform it means that I do contemplation or contemplation, I reflect, and whatever comes up in this way can be described as my reflection when I find a question and then I take it seriously, analyzing the variables of the question, after me get the keyword from the question, I will start pondering the answers as relevant to the questions asked.

I might like the musing user responses to thoughts related to education, life, love, etc. that still make me curious or new questions that I just got.

For me, this platform (musing) is a quality media for reflection. I can also use this platform as a medium which means "media reflection". And also this media is very educative and effective for honing skills through Q & A forums. That's all. Thanks


 For me, Musing.io platform is amazing and YES it gives me a real impact on my steep growth because I earn some reward there which is the benefit for me and in my steem power. Musing is also beneficial for me to grow my money and importantly steep power which is a really meant for me to stay strong here. As you know If you have a well steem power then you can easily earn here. That's the main resource for your good earning.

I love to use Musing.io because I would love to spend time here and reading the thought of positive peoples that are love for me. I'm not here just because of money but I'm still in the learning procces. I have been not much time there. And I'm reading and earning here in the most convenient way.

This is the only one website which is I like the most and easy way for me to solve any difficult question and curiosity. Musing is best for me to properly on the steem blockchain technology.

Musing.io is the one that is the most interesting website it's not because just or earning sources it's also best for solving the many question & problems. That is most related to your daily life. If we found whenever some difficulty in our work we will share here on listening to the other people's suggestion and their recommendations.