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Do you think arranged marriages can work in this time and age?

Well, this is a very interesting question I must say.

Marriage like I always say here is the first kingdom institute created by God.

Marriage is a divine choice given by God and its not mandatory for someone to get married to live a happy and fulfilled life.

Am gonna answer this question based on my belief as a Christian.

God never choose your spouse,he left it for you as an individual to make such important decision and choice yourself.

Talking about arrange marriage,it is very difficult for such marriage to really work in this our era unlike the older generation because most youth want to make their own choice and that's the best.

It's very wrong in this our time for parents to still be doing arrange marriage for their children, for me that is child abuse and also going against their free will as humans .

Countries like Pakistan and India are fond of this kind of tradition of arrange marriage and most times it doesn't work out between the couples.

It's so annoying that they will go to the extent of threatening to kill their daughter if she refused to go along with the arrange marriage.

My conclusion to this matter is that most of these arrange marriage doesn't work,it's like modern slavery and I think it should be abolished for good.

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Call me old school but I sincerely believe that arranged marriages are still the best for the couples involved. This is basically because some background check must have been carried out before the two people involved are introduced to each other. At least, someone would have vouching for either of the two people involved. Unlike when you just meet someone on the road, in the club, in the university or any other place where you know very little or nothing about them.

Most arranged marriages, if embraced by the two people involved usually go well and history has it that they hardly fail compared to the couples that meet themselves and decide to get married.


Difficulty yes !!!!!!!!!!!

Though most of the people now a days prefer love marriage but still Successful rate for the arrange marriage is more than of love marriage.

I live in Pakistan and here in my country and here relations are very important and our parents settles our partner even when we are child, 

The Reason they want to be remain connected with the other family members.

Sometime arrange marriages get failed too but most of the time they are successful.

Love is a very beautiful feeling, and it can be done even after marriage and that's what happen here in Pakistan,

I don't know about your country, and i don't know about your culture, i don't know about your moral values!

In general My answer is yes.


If you can arrange some fake love to be real, then yes.


I'd say HELL NO!!

In this modern era, no one is willing to get arranged marriage life. It has lots of problems. That marriage life isn't your choice or taste that how can you be indulged with someone whom you don't know. I'm not standing by the arranged marriage.

LIving a happy married life is everyone's wish where you don't compromise with your soul because of understanding. Understanding is the primary key to run a long-lasting relationship. We can't deny it.

Arrange marriage has lots of problems like:

  • No Understanding: There is not understanding in between which is essential to run a longer relationship. It creates lots of problems in daily life. 
  • No Life: You can't enjoy life with your arranged partner.
  • No Friendship: Arranged couple can't be good friends while friendship is an important thing to share everything.

Today's man needs above-mentioned things in his life to live a happy life. My point of view can be wrong for others but that's all from my side. 


Obviously I think the marriage life is not for me. but I want to have a child more than anything.

What I'm writing now is just a thought. I want to make a marriage contract for the boy. but frankly, then I'm afraid if she doesn't want to divorce me. therefore, I will ask him to guarantee a divorce by signing an agreement between us. But I don't know what happens. There is no such marriage in my environment.

Thoughts thoughts thoughts.