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What's the highest payout you're gotten per post?

Well it happened recently with only Steemians and dtube upvoting my post from which I was able to get about USD 69.03 

Well it was quite a happy encounter for me by the way. There voters were like thejohalfiles nathanmars dtube and many more as you can see.

While the original value of upvote was USD 80 but yeah you know the reason why it got down. So was happy anyway and it kind of boosted the feelings of mine to create more video content in Dtube.

While I do believe that every vote counts so does every encounter as well. So we should just keep on going and do what we do best.


I seem to remember that the biggest payment a post gave me was $80 during the beginning of the year when the price of the steem was around 8 usd. And I remember it a lot because it was one of my first posts on #steemstem and it was all about the most efficient power generation systems.

It was something so surreal because I remember that I uploaded the post during the night and spent about 4 hours  look at it, but no one had voted me so I went to bed a little sad because I had put a lot of effort into it, and it turns out that in the morning when I woke up boom! had reached $80; was and has been the largest payment that a post mine has received.


I can't remember the exact amounts but those were definitely the best months of my Steemit life. 

It was last year around the last quarter when Steemit went really high together with bitcoin, it came to almost $20 and that was when Dapps were being introduced. 

It was when Utopian was launched and it was a bit user friendly to even none techies like me and a lot of my posts from it were high, like I almost get more than $20 everyday, I even get maybe $60 or $80 and that's almost everyday and for Utopian only, it doesn't count all my other posts. 

It feels like those were the good old days, nowadays, I don't get that much now because Utopian has changed significantly and geared more on techy people so even if I post there, I wouldn't get an upvote. 

Thankfully there's Steemhunt where I get good upvotes like $1 everyday which is still good at least. 


The highest payouts that i got are :

Nyahaha, that's not even high for you XD. Honestly, the only way that i can grow bigger for 6 months is because Steemhunt. The best dApp platform for product hunter. Try to join it,  we always invite you. 


My biggest vote on steemit was 76 SBD and that was my DTube video  and i got that vote by 3 user combination . That account was @arcange @kpine @dtube. This was  very motivation for me first time i i got that amount vote on my post and after that i was started to make video for Provided help other . I  mostly make video on Steemitedcuation and make tutorial and provide education and information toward Dapps how to work on it.

I saw lot of new users dishearted because of not getting vote that way i decided to provide education and told them how to worked on steemit and what the the strategies which they used for post promotion . 

I spend 1.5 year on steemit i have lot of experience and i wish no one struggle like me and no one leave our community because of not getting something .

Lot of people here on steemit they help others by their votes and also guide other so i like those people who contribute something toward our community .

So Now i have one more plan i get SP on lease and Give motivation through me upvote and also upvote thoese people who already helped others.

If you are new here and you want to learn something about steemit contact me my Discord ID: salmannaqvi#0616

# Conclusion 

My first vote was also gave motivation to make good content on steemit and also support others and taught them what i knew. I wish more users arrived here and no one leave this plate form.