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Have you ever felt used before?

Absolutely yes. I was highly used by him.. I was still a teenager when I met this handsome young looking guy. He walked up to me and asked for my digits. I didn't hesitate to collect his phone and typed in my numbers. He was attracted to me when I first layed my eyes on him. After a month, we became lovers. He promised to love me, care for me and make me happy. I was Seventeen years then. It took me time to trust him and gave him everything he requested for.

Just after he had his way several time, he began to ignore my calls. I tried to know what was happening and I discovered from his friend that he has started dating someone else. He got what he wanted and took to his heel.

I felt used because he was the first to have fun with me and I was so much bitter about it.

Mine isn't all that painful compared to what a friend of mine went through just recently. She is 32years and she had suffered a lot of broken heart from guys.

She met this new guy who promised to marry her but with a condition. She needs to get pregnant before wedding. She refused until the guy took him to his mother. That gave her an assurance that the guy was serious. She took in and the guy took her to stay with the mother. There was no plan of wedding. Anytime she talks about it, the guy changes the topic. She later discovered that the guy was already married but didn't have a kid,so he decided to try another woman outside wedlock. He never intended to marry her. All he wanted was a child. She tried to abort but the doctor told her its too dangerous that she shouldn't risk her life. She cries everyday. Now she had given birth and the baby girl is more than a year.

Each time I speak with her on phone, she always curse the guy. Till now she isn't married. She refused to let the guy and his family know her whereabout with the baby. They kept calling to see her but she bluntly refused to give them attention.

She always feel she was used by the guy. Of cos its obvious but she is always happy whenever she sees her daughter. It's just sad that some people use others for their selfish interest not minding the pain they will leave them. So sad.


@beautychicks cares.


Apparently I have, it occurred thrice, in two different cases as a teacher and the other after helping someone to pass an exam. But I'll just state one.

There was a school my friend and I were teaching before we gained admission into the university. They called us to come and help out. They were actually lacking teachers and then my school and that of my friend were on vacation.

We were actually spending most of our time on steemit. So we saw it as a plus to keep ourselves busy.

We honored the call and they gave me two subjects (Computer Studies and Cultural and Creative Art) to teach 3 classes, JSS1-3, and my friend was given three subjects (Social Studies, Civic Eductaion and Christian Religious Studies) to teach 3 classes also, JSS1-3. We didn't bother to discussed our salary because our thought was on our previous salary before we left.

We started teaching wholeheartedly. At the end of the month we received an alert, to our greatest surprise the amount was N5000 (five thousand naira). We couldn't believe it. Fortunately it was a working day, so we quickly went to the head teacher's office to lay our complaints. She was surprised also to see the alert because it wasn't coming from her. So she promised she'll talk to the director to let her know we didn't start at the middle of the month if that's her thought. Later on everything was sorted out and extra N9000 was added to me and N5000 to my friend. It was still somehow because my friend was taking 3 subjects while am taking 2 subjects, so the whole thing was confusing.

We requested for salary negotiation so as to have in mind our next payment. The director said we should do our best, the higher the topic we've covered will determine how much will be paid.

To cut the long story short, we did everything a teacher will do in a term including setting and markingbcontinuous assessment. And exams, except for conducting and marking which I promised to come back and carry out once they start since we will be going back to school.

When it was time to leave, the director said she'll transfer the money to us. We were paid N15000 for a job a teacher will do for 4 months.

Unfortunately, we couldn't go back to lay our complaints because we've left already.

We were embittered and it downed on us that we've just been used.


A lot of times and I think it's normal that at some point, or at several points, you can feel that way. We should ask Adam how much use he made of Eve, and this one how much use he made of the snake. Normally in life there are people who can seek benefits from others, without feeling that they should pay or thank you. It is perhaps a childish idea that man maintains in almost all his life. When a child asks the mother for everything, he expects her to give it to him and the mother feels it is her duty to give it to him. Every day we see more people paired with others just for the simple interest, for the usefulness that the other may have. In fact, the idea has been imposed that if you have someone you know in an important position in a company, you can turn to him for help. The idea of using the other, using him, I think is ancestral. The detail is when the person realizes that it was only used, searched for a particular interest and that's it! There the utility changes to be an abuse. That offense can attack more if it is made by a person loved and appreciated by us. What cannot be is that it is always the same person. Say no to abuse!


Many times, I always feel that I was used by someone back when I was still in college.

Not to brag but I was one of those students who can make programs and systems in our classroom.

My friends always tends to ask me for help everytime we have school projects and activities in the field of computer programming.

Always asking me to have an overnight in their place and help them in their own projects, and after the submission almost all of them disappear.

I can't stop thinking that maybe I only have friends if we have school projects and activities


Not very often but teh worst time was when I ended up dating this girl back in college that had dated a friend of mine earlier in the year. She really munipulated me and used me to get back at my friend in a way. we ended up breaking up when she came clean about it all. I was pretty pissed. Luckily I did not loose a friend in the ordeal but I got away from her fast as I could. She tried to contct me years later on facebook. She asked If I remembered her. Let's just say the reply was not appropriate for musing readers.