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Am I the only one not feeling the type of questions floating musing.io today?

I got to answer this one to tell you that you are not alone. I've been scrolling lately since morning to see interesting questions and expecting more about sciences, opinion based and technical but there are less and not so engaging. This is far the most engaging question today as it really reflects and describes the current situation of musing as of today. Well, I think it is pretty normal for a platform like this, early and progressing. But what we could offer the most at this time is to throw questions that fit on our judgement.


No, the standard of questions here lately seem to be of a very low calibre. There seems no interest in an answer looking at a lot of the questions, The question are asked just to ask anything, 

There is no background to the questions or relative answer required. Some seem to be password digging questions that are designed to build up a profile of information on you, favourite colour or food that hold no value at all to the community as a whole or in part.

The questions directed to a personal answer of favourites of food colour or other i ignore, they hold nothing of value to the greater community. It is not something someone will google to know, What is my favourite colour, no one really cares. It has no relevance to the world as a whole.

With all things on line though, Scammers and spammers will always be there, Unfortunately, there are those that answer those question, and this keeps them coming in.

I do think that there should be some kind of filter system to the questions, and questions that have already been asked. The new questioner should be directed to that question for answers. before the question get published. There are some questions that seem to get asked on a regular basis,

A filter system like this would increase the value of a question, People would have to think about the question they are asking.  


No you're not the only one. Yesterday I have to admit that I had lots of questions that I feel like answering while today I answered some of yours and another two I guess. I just scrolled and scrolled and didn't found too much to ignite me. I think that it is happening due to the fact that it's Sunday and people might be out or doing something else rather than being active on Steem. I have had some activity also today and was thinking to share some photos and make a blog post about but I am too lazy to keep on writing. The situation is somehow similar with the movements of the crypto markets which are also stagnant. I for example have this strategy on musing: if I don't feel like answering the existing questions I write my own and seems that you are doing something similar. There are days though when I find so many interesting questions to answer that my hands hurt from that much typing, but today doesn't seem to be such a day. We'll have to let things flow and make the most out of our time. Enjoy what's left from the weekend and keep on musing!


You aren't bro. I've been scrolling past so many questions today. Maybe because it's a Sunday that's why.

But I think there are some questions in religion that might interest you.


I feel that not-feeling feeling every time I come here, but surfing around I can sometimes find a juicy one. Yea I know, it´s more work to correct a question, tactfully while answering thoughtfully at the same time. 

So keep asking. I think I might like your questions better.


Its not just you, I also felt it. Ive been scrolling for hours now, my intention here is to ask (if im curious) and answer (if its interesting) other questions does not really meet my standards, what Im looking for is a great topic that is to be discussed further more. But this is only the beginning of Musing, for sure they will improve within the past few weeks or months. 

Let us just be patient and have fun answering questions.