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Do you have a predetermined number of questions you ask/answer everyday?

I usually do,  the reason why I do so is because I think one user shouldn't spread too many contribution on the interface it's sends a spammy intent. We must maintain a certain kind of control rather than having the mindset of greed and oligarchy which will rather make one less productive I think people should have predetermined or predestined number of questions or answer they should ask or answer in a day because it will keep people in check giving others chance to prove their worth or what they can do or say and to help other people who have value to add to be seen or heard.

The reason why I basically do this it's because I want my questions or answers to be basically quality because if I decide to ramble on and answer or ask infinite questions or answers I think I will lose my plausibility of quality I believe this place deserves quality when you look at quora you find out that the most successful are the most sought out people at the ones that basically have quality whenever their content producing and this should be so here so he said target will definitely help you to ascertain quality like for example if you produced in to answer 6 questions in a day or 7 this will help you write more quality response rather than having close to 20 or 25 responses and they're definitely not quality enough and I think users deserves better.

So yes I basically have a number of question or answer I write in a day because my number one goal is to produce quality which will help other people even if I'm being rewarded for it and also to give other people a shot at the questions and answers to see how well or better they can do instead of having to dominate every question or answer i see I rather choose to make my contributions very limited because I believe other people should be given a chance rather than making the platform oligarchy in nature so sometimes I answer it questions I'm asked just one in a day sometimes it may extend to 9 which is definitely minimal and we give other people chances in different time zone to contribute their quota on this platform as well


I have recently seen that trend in musing and it is not good. Having a preset mind like that often lead to spamming and it will not bring the creative or well thought answer to the question as people will try to answer it quickly to achieve their daily target and we may not be able to see the genuine or valuable answer to a particular question asked in the community.

Even some of the question are such that it should be removed from musing. A question and answer platform should be used as per the framework of the platform and should not be used to get some reward. Reward will come along but the moment you set you mind for reward then you will deviate from awesome answer. So your mind should not be conditioned like that and one should ask and answer with the spirit of this platform.



It is normal case with me that many questions arise while surfing the net and I am used to write them down. Now a days, I am asking those questions on musing. But, this is not always the case, sometimes a question had just struck me while reading/writing any answer and asked it on musing.


Writing answers depends on if I have something to say/discuss/share in response of the question. Sometimes, I find many interesting (which interest to me) questions to answer. I answer some of them and some of them have already been answered in a very interesting and descriptive way, so I leave them to be.

... But definitely, I do not have any pre-determined number, neither for the questions nor for the answers on a particular day.


Definitely not with questions. I only ask questions if I genuinely want an answer.

With answers though, I normally try to find 2 - 3 questions that I like and will answer those. But if I don’t find a question that I like I’ll simply go without answering anything on that day.

I don’t feel the need to post daily on Steemit or musing these days. My account grows whether or not I post anything so it’s not an issue if I don’t post.

And I’d rather say nothing if I don’t have anything to say. Each to their own though.


As a matter of fact I do have a target number of answers I need to do here daily (think of it as part of my daily routine now XD) . I'm aiming for around 4-6 good-to-decent answers everyday. 

As for questions, I only ask questions when I really need help or is genuinely curious about something so no target for that one. 

Back when @musing's SP was still around 500k though, my target was quite different. My aim was to get at least 3 liquid SBD and SP daily to grow fast my Steem Power and Reputation on Steem. 

With the current disappointing price of Steem in the market and the huge influx of new good contributors here, that one is now a real challenge. So I settle for 4-6 answers daily instead. XD


Never had that. As long as I consider my questions will trigger someone to answer them I will post them. I haven't posted more than ten I guess and I will probably never will, but as long as you have an incentivizing topic to ask about I would definitely encourage you to do that. Nowhere states that we should post a number of X questions a day but it's also not recommended to spam the platform. I would not ask, for example, 40-50 questions a day. It seems too much. Common sense needs to be one of the ingredients in using the platform. I also always considered that quality is way more important than quantity. It is more important what you ask about than how many times a day you are able to ask questions. As I said I don't think I've had more than ten.


I dont have the rules for the number of Q/A that i give to musing.io.

I just try to be a normal guy XD

I mean, i will ask, if i really need to know something, but i can't find it after googling.

But i will try to answer as much as i can, because i can share all knowledges that i have.