What's your take on fake comment and engagement ?
There are different initiatives on the steem platform geared towards increasing engagement. Do you think we should be consciously making people engage or it should happen naturally

No such thing as a fake comment, there is only a comment that you decide whether it's sincere or not. I think  it's the quality of engagement that matters more. Transient praises can be sincere but it's those constant sincere praises that do deserve attention. While it is true that there are incentives to engage with other people, we can't deny that there are people already engaging with other people because they enjoy so, the bonus is just being being complimented back or be upvoted. 

I do think we should consciously make people engage because it's how the platform will grow. There would be exchange of ideas rather than people keeping to themselves and hope to get attention. We are all strangers to one another so actions that support interaction should be promoted because that leads to growth in the blockchain. I'll never be where I am if I just relied on posting my art on the platform. 

Even before being rewarded for engaging with other users, I have learned that in order for people to like you, you have to learn how to like them first. Not just liking them in a shallow manner like what they can do for you. I mean liking them in who they really are. I always try to find something good about the author I'm commenting on beyond their recent post I'm seeing. I think real quality engagement happens when there is an active effort in trying to know the other better and have an exchange of ideas.


Yeap definitely there are those who think that they would want to make a quick buck by being fake in sincerity towards any comments or any engagements. I guess that's how the world works nowadays and everyone is expecting to get likes and all those fake comments would make them happy.

People who fake these comments I think won't be in any platform for long as what they really are interested in is because they just think about the money. This makes them won't last long. We would be able to detect those who are faking it with ease and we know directly that they are not really sincere especially not even reading the things we have posted and commenting with something that is not related to the topic or is generic throughout the way. Usually I guess those who do this would get their reputation slowly reduced.

Being fake is not easy. Imagine pretending to be nice when we are actually not. Then one day someone uncovers that actually we aren't nice at all.

I guess the best thing to do is to try to be as sincere as possible. For me, I usually spend some time to read the post before commenting or write answers that I have given some thought on. At first It wasn't easy at all and it burnt my brain trying to do that.


Engagement should occur natural. It's the quality of the contents on the blockchain that will generate or create engagement. If people find contents they love, they will naturally engage.

Engagement that was influenced won't last. Instead of encouraging people to engage, encourage people to create better contents of diverse interest because if majority of the contents on the blockchain are interesting, engagement will greatly increase