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What's your take on censorship? Do you think it is neccesary ?

In my opinion, there should be no censorship, or at least not prior censorship. I think everyone should have the freedom to express themselves, to see, whatever they want. But this freedom comes with responsibility! A person has to know what kind of information he is going to emit or see and assume the consequences of his actions. The problem in recent years I have seen on the Internet, where people upload videos that then become virals of dangerous moments, rude, and even denigrating. Everything happens because everyone reviews their cultural and moral patterns to exchange certain types of materials. 

I see with great concern how totalitarian and dictatorial governments with the tale of censorship can take programs off the air, close newspapers or television channels and even imprison people just because they are adverse. In the same way, parents assume that television stations or Internet pages must do the job they would have to do, that of controlling and supervising the content that their children are watching. There is the case of China and the iron-clad ban on the Internet. A person who arrives in China knows that he will not be able to access his Gmail e-mail, or regular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest, but must communicate through companies that share all private data with the Chinese government, filter the results of their searches according to the designs of the Communist Party, and allow censors to intervene at will in their content. This is unheard of from every point of view!

The right to free expression is one of the most threatened, both by repressive governments that want to prevent change, and by individuals who want to impose their ideology or personal values, silencing others.The struggle for freedom of expression belongs to all of us, as it is the struggle for the freedom to express our own individualism. To respect the freedom of others to say anything, no matter how offensive we consider it, is to respect our own freedom of speech.


It totally depends on the sector you are talking about if you mean general censorship by the government on the suppression and curtailing of things like speeches, lifestyle, use of word and so many other things then I will definitely say censorship is not bad or good, i think it is only a tool that is used to reduce the excesses or limit the extent to which people can do things which may be considered inappropriate , however if you're talking about censorship on platforms on the internet like youtube and places like medium or quora I'll definitely say that these platforms have the rights to decide if they want their platform to accept any kind of content not minding the details, or whether it has been posted somewhere , or it contains hate speech or it is racist in nature.

The reason why this internet media like youtube choose censorship is because they have a centralised platform and people will have to abide by their rules else their content may be removed so I don't think censorship is bad my dad who I think is good I only think it is a tool that is meant to control excessive, i do believe that people who produce contents online need rules in centralised platforms and places like medium as well reserve the right to have exclusive view to post only the contents which you have and on their site and they do not allow other content from other sites to be copied directly into their site or to be remade into their site I think they flag such contents as a result of their censorship rules.

It is only on decentralized platforms that you do not see censorship however I do think centralised platforms need censorship because it will contain contradictory contents , religiously abusive content or even plagarism in the content so as much as I do not like the side effects of censorship I definitely think it is necessary because it is a tool it is just like the down vote that you see on steemit.com so I definitely think it is necessary but not compulsory and only on centralised platforms but we since we now have decentralized versions of youtube and quora on steemit.com then you can just make do with it


From my personal point of view I think that censorship is an admission of intellectual impotence, intellectual cowardice, intellectual laziness, intellectual arrogance, ignorance and often a mixture of most of these ingredients.

In any case, it is an excess of authoritarianism and an obscurantist slippage. We do not see it as such, of course, when we believe ourselves in the camp of good, right, right, which is generally the case for everyone.

There is no valid reason to censor. When one is comfortable with one's subject, one is not afraid to discuss it with a debater even seasoned. On the contrary, one is hungry to complete one's knowledge of the subject, to sharpen one's arguments and thus one's own understanding of the subject, even if it means changing one's opinion. Because I do not think I know interesting subject that is not multiple drawers.

On the other hand, we fear the debate when we are not sure of its arguments, but we want to maintain the impression that we are right at all costs.

It is for these reasons that we must despise and fight censorship, even when it seems to defend the good, because we need to exercise our reasoning, to confront our beliefs.


Well I believe it also depends on the kind of censorship that is involved,for example a censorship on some movies especially adult movies is a censorship that is actually necessary because it enables the society as a

whole to be able to ensure that only those that deserve to watch such movies are actually watching it,though sometimes some people in the society might ignore the

censorship on the movie and still go ahead to do whatever they like but I feel censorship is necessary and it is helpful to a lot of people though some people do not feel it is necessary but I believe censorship is necessary...


It thoroughly relies upon the area you are discussing on the off chance that you mean general restriction by the legislature on the concealment and diminishing of things like discourses, way of life, utilization of word thus numerous different things then I will state control isn't awful or great, I think it is just an apparatus that is utilized to lessen the overabundances or limit the degree to which individuals can do things which might be viewed as improper , be that as it may in case you're discussing oversight on stages on the web like youtube and spots like medium or quora I'll unquestionably say that these stages have the rights to choose on the off chance that they need their stage to acknowledge any sort of substance not disapproving of the subtleties, or whether it has been posted some place , or it contains despise discourse or it is bigot in nature.

The motivation behind why this web media like youtube pick restriction is on the grounds that they have a brought together stage and individuals should comply with their standards else their substance might be expelled so I don't think oversight is terrible my father who I believe is great I just think it is an apparatus that is intended to control unreasonable, I do trust that individuals who deliver substance online need governs in concentrated stages and places like medium also claim all authority to have select view to post just the substance which you have and on their website and they don't enable other substance from different locales to be replicated straightforwardly into their webpage or to be changed into their webpage I think they banner such substance because of their oversight rules.

It is just on decentralized stages that you don't see control anyway I do think incorporated stages require oversight since it will contain opposing substance , religiously oppressive substance or even plagarism in the substance so as much as I don't care for the symptoms of restriction I certainly think it is essential since it is an instrument it is much the same as the down vote that you see on steemit.com.