No delegation, less spamming for the platform, yeah?

Yeah ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿ’ƒ

I think there would be less spamming since the delegation is off.

Lots of those spammers would reduce their spamming activities once they know they'll get nothing for their acts.


Some people are spammers who are not even spamming for upvotes,they just want to spam,,there are also some spammers who are all about the upvotes,,for such spammer,they will reduce their spamming activities when they see that the upvotes are know longer worth much or not even coming in at all..

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Actually i can understand what you are trying to say and it is true that no delegation, less spamming.

But in a platform like steemit, and they way it operates, there is always bond to be spamming that is why we have steemcleaners.

Whether there is no delegation or delegation, there is always bound to be spamming but it is true it will reduce spamming but it will also reduce the helping of others by delegating to some people so as to help them either in the aspect of voting, commenting, or posting since the introduction of resources credit.

So it will fall in two ways, no delegation might help in easing spamming but will also reduce the rate at which some people are been helped on the platform


Maybe. Hopefully that would be a prominent effect. I couldn't last long watching the recent questions for the past few days. There's a lack of substance in them and more like posting for the sake of praying for an upvote type of questions. Not healthy for the platform and shouldn't be supported.ย 



The same way exactly I am feeling right now.ย 

It will prove to be a blessing in disguise

The real musers will surface out now.

This platform is now going to be the real gem. Those who will engage without rewards are the true musers. I am looking forward to....


Delegation helps support projects and that is the ultimate goal and use case. Just because we have spammers, doesn't mean we get rid of delegation. Spamming is inherent to any platform. Whether steemit or usual social media. There's spam on gmail, YouTube, instagram, even discord. Delegation has very little to do with it in my opinion.