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If you have plan to Thailand, where do you want to visit? Why?
For me, I really like adventure and love nature so I select to go to the South of Thailand because there are many wonderful beach, island and natural park that I’ve never been before. And you?

Not only is the city area known as a trade and shopping center, Thailand also has many other interesting areas to visit. Not only that, a variety of famous Thai delicacies are also very interesting to taste. You can enjoy a variety of the best culinary and also popular destinations that are popular.

The following 11 tourist destinations, which are fun and must be visited when you visit Thailand:

1. Phuket

Being one of the tourist icons in Thailand, Phuket is indeed so popular and has been widely known by the world community. This one destination is often used as one of the main destinations on the way to Thailand, especially by those who have a long vacation time.

Phuket is a beautiful island that has white and clean sandy beaches. The sea is so calm and will make you comfortable when playing on the beach and the white sand.

2. The Grand Palace

For those who like historical tourism, this one destination is certainly one that you must visit while in Thailand. The Grand Palace is an old building that has a variety of Thai historical heritage. You will see the richness of culture and also the glory of this country in the past in ancient architecture that is so beautiful and amazing.

3. Wat Arun

This building is one of the oldest temples in the country, so it is full of ancient and interesting architecture. Wat Arun offers a beautiful view, especially at night.

4. Krabi

For those who like nature tourism and also the sea, Krabi will become a mandatory destination that you visit when in Thailand. This beautiful island will spoil you with exotic views that are second to none. Panorama of the Sea with the beauty of a quiet island, will give a different holiday feel than usual.

5. Sung Nong Nooch

This tourist destination has a beautiful and cool panorama, complete with views that are second to none. Here, you will feel comfortable and calm,This location has a complete range of facilities for tourists who come.

6. Railay Beach

Another beautiful beach that you must visit in Thailand, Railay is an exotic beach so beautiful. You will enjoy sea water that is truly clear in this region, equipped with clean white sand along the beach lips. All of this will certainly give you a comfortable feel in your vacation.

7. Chatuchak Weekend Market

This one tourist destination is perfect for shopping. This location is one of the cheapest shopping centers in Thailand, so dear if you miss. At Chatuchak Weekend Market, there are various unique and interesting items at cheap prices, including various souvenirs.

8. Pattaya

This beautiful beach is also one of the most popular tourist destinations in Thailand. You can enjoy various culinary and entertainment along this beach, even at night even though the beach is still crowded with visitors.

9. Phu Tok

If you want to enjoy the mountain panorama, Phu Thok is a must-visit destination when you visit Thailand. This location is in the form of a mountainous region with comfortable and cool shades. To reach this location, you have to have courage, because Phu Thok is on the side of a cliff with a fairly steep slope.

10. Chiang Mai

Another cheap shopping center that must be visited while in Thailand, Chiang Mai is a popular location among tourists visiting the country. Here you can also enjoy a variety of delicious Thai specialties, including shopping for various cheap items that you can buy with a bargaining system.

11. Kanchanaburi

For those who like adventure in hilly areas and enjoy warm sunshine, then this area will be the right choice. Kanchanaburi is a beautiful hilly area and has a cool panorama and is still so clean. You will have a comfortable and quiet vacation time at this one location.

1 Comment

There is no other place I will wish to be other than the Grand Palace located at Bangkok.

The grand palace looks very attractive with beautiful buildings and lovely statues of Budha and other amusement. The grand palace is a very special place in Bangkok where the kings and the Royal government of Thailand used to stay according to their history.

The grand palace consist of water whereby you can swim, beautiful vegetation, lovely statues, great tall and beautiful buildings, and many other amusement which I won't be able to list.

You will also find different Foods and fruits at the grand palace. There are also several activities done in the grand palace by the people of Thailand.

I believe I will see almost all of Thailand when I get to the grand palace because it is just at the heart of Thailand. I can't wait to be there and I don't mind if you can bring me there if you are capable of doing that (lols) 😀🙌.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps