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Do you think that a mother love for her children is blind?
I am wondering it the love of a mother for her children is blind or can it face any reality...

I can't really say the love of a mother to her children is blind but I am very sure that women or ladies are more emotional and compassionate than men or guys. We all know that the love of a mother to her children or child can never be compared to any other type of love because this is due to their nature.

A good mother will always protect her children, take care of them and make great sacrifices for their children due to the high level of love they have for their children. This is why you can never have someone like your mother.

One of my friend once told me how he wanted to beat his child mercilessly because he offended him but his wife was just sad and emotional such that she had no choice than to plead for her child. This is also one of the reasons most children are always free with their mother than father because they mothers are always caring and compassionate.

I don't really know the best definition to give a mother because they deserve the best of all definitions for their hardwork and caring attitude ever since they gave birth to us till they become old. I just hope we can pay them back for their good deeds and impact on our lives.

In conclusion, the love of a mother to her children isn't a blind love but a genuine and true love.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


Firstly let us actually look at many children with alot of bad atttitudes and heartless behaviours who are out there,,many of them are actually that way simply because their mothers actually heaped alot of love and alot of affection on them without actually making sure that there was a good discipline to really counteract it......

It is some kind of mother's love that often makes some mothers to say blindly that "My child is really a very good child" even in the actual face of an evidence which is actually contradicting to the beliefs of the mother due to the fact that the child displays bad and horrible attitudes all the time.......honestly alot of mothers do have love for their children and that love which they have for the child is often blind.......

. It is really understandable therefore that most mothers really wants to be truly LOVED by her child, and not necessarily APPRECIATED or loved conditionally...most mothers believe that an Unconditional love given truly begets an actual expectation of an unconditional love returned......

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Of course a mothers love to her child is blind. What you have to remember is that they have an unbroken bond.The mother carried that child for 9 months and cared for it through it's early years.

A mothers love will never be questioned when it comes to her child. She only wants the best and will do her utmost for that child. A mothers love has no boundaries and she will sacrifice whatever to care for it.

I would say she is blind,but with eyes wide open trying to guide her children through lifes perils.She will face reality head on and protect the best she can.If a child does wrong she wont stop loving it as she can't.ย 


Inasmuch as I can say that the love of a mother towards her child is blind. I will also say that the blindness of the love will not stop a mother in my country from scolding her child anytime he or she misbehaves.

So the blindness occurs when the child does wrong maybe for the first time and since he or she is a kid, the mum might not hit the child based on the fact that it is the first time. But instead she will warn the kid and tells him or her never to repeat it again. There is how the kid might get whipped on the first time of doing wrong.

In my own case, my mum used to warn me on the first instance. And being that I was always obedient, I will make sure I don't repeat it the next time.

Women in my country Nigeria do not relent when it comes to whipping a child who is stubborn. Over pampering a child who is disobedient will only help you spoil the child. So I like the way mothers in my country treat their kids because that act instills discipline in the child and also he or she will likely grow up to also becoming a discipline parent.


My mother's love for me is the greatest I have experienced so far but despite how much she loves me, that has never made her blind to my wrongs. This saying comes up because some mother's let their love for their Children cloud their judgment in many instances including those in which their Children are on the wrong.

I have a mother who loves me very much, and it is because of that love that she refuses to give a blind eye when I do a wrong thing. She is loving but at thesame time a disciplined person. She imposes disciplinary measures on me when necessary. Every time she does, she gives me a reason why what I did was very bad and why I should not do it again.

It is because of the blind love for their Children that some mothers have ended up raising up spoilt Children who have turned out to be a negative contribution to society. It is so terrible when you come across kids who have no manners and no respect at all for the elderly and even when you complain about this, their mothers still defend them all the way.

Not all mothers' live for their Children is blind. Some mothers don't let their love for their children clowd their judgment while others do and that makes them blind to see the bad side in their children.


ย Mother's love is a greatest and blessing of God for a child. Motherlove for her children is pure and true because mother's love is priceless, every mother loves their child so much. In the whole world a mother love is have much importance then the other. A good mother takes care of the child and protects a child from any disaster. She protects the child as much she can.

I have not a much good definition for a mother but I try to explain well and well because a mother deserves best. I love my mother and I take care of them. I think every person should love a mother in their life because a mother relation is better than other. A good mother deserves respect, love, and good patience.

We can't say that mother love is blind but we can say her love true and best to others. So we should always do respect for every mother on earth. ย 


I don't seem to concur with the fact that a woman's love for her children is blind, at least i can say my mum's is not blind.

Most people have the misconception that a woman's love for her children is blind, over here in Nigeria,it doesn't hold, my mother can go any length for her children but at the same time would not turn a blind eye when he or she misbehave. The biblical saying "spare the rod spoil the child" hold true for my mum, even as she loves you,she will still beat the hell out of you when you mess up.



@Nygma, Not at all in my opinion. Children are part of mother and creator's love torwards it's creation cannot be blind. Stay blessed. ๐Ÿ™‚


A mother's love for her child isn't blind

A mother's love for her child is just unconditional and real. Apart from God's love there is no other greater love than that of a mother.

Though a mother might over look and still pardon her child despite his/her wrong doings

It doesn't mean it's blind.

Mother's are just natural gift to us and so caring and forgiving even when a Child to something wrong. Most people might sees it as blind but I see as unconditional. A love without conditions where you love someone for who truly they are


No one in the world can love a mother as much as she loves her child. Mother love is the best love of the world. Mother love does not have any bass. Mother love is absolutely pure love. There can be no connection to the world that you have with mother. No person in the world will love you so much as your mother can love with you.

Your relationship with mother is spirit soul. A mother always wants her child to be as good as her child is happy. the mother does not expect anything from the child. Everyone in the world will love you just for getting something from you. But the mother does not expect you to get anything as much as she loves you.

So we can say that Mother's love is blind love. Nobody else can love you like him. You can then understand how much the mother's love will be when your mother is not next to you. In fact, we all do not understand the dentistry of teeth .

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