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Is there any real physical evidence of life after death?

No, not yet anyway


To answer this we would have to travel to the after death place and back again.

When you think about this, physical evidence. That means it can be touched or held.  If we had a ball we could ring back, we could do that and say, "Hey! they play basketball over there." This is not a thing we have seen yet. Come to think about it. Of those who are supposed to have travelled with a near death experience. None have ever came back saying they played sports over there.

Physical might just be something else on that side of the gate. For us though physical is something we can touch. There are things we know do exist that do not have a physical form, Such as energy or electricity. We know electricity exists as we will flick that switch to turn the light on. We cannot see this electricity though we can measure it and see the conduits it travels through, We can see it in the thunder storms when the flash of light comes with the roar of thunder. We can hear the sharp crack as it finds its target. It is not a solid object that we can touch. Touching this energy ourselves may be the cause of death.

In all essence it is the spirit that travels to the other side not the physical. Our physical self does not visit the other side or travel there. That is our spiritual side or the energy that keep our body alive. The other side is not a physical place but a spiritual place. There may be nothing physical there to bring back. Maybe even someone going over and returning would not be able to bring back anything physical.


 It might be interesting to see what the CIA said about life after death, by official documents. They concluded that we are some kind of energy, with a consciousness, and that our subconsciousness mind is connected to a absolute form of intelligence. And that after our bodies died, that the energy within us go back to the source.
But if you want to see what the CIA concluded about that subject, then you should read these old documents, which are shared by the CIA.