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Are there any undervalue Cryptocurrency in the world?


Due to recent down fall resulted by the SEC decision to postpone the listing of a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) and Google Bans Crypto Mining on Android Play Store crypto market is on the lower side.

At the moment almost all the crypto market is undervalue and still has lot of potential in it. Especially if someone is targeting it for a longer period. 

If someone intends to invest in this business, one should be very careful and have proper study of the crypto currencies, which he/she intend to buy.

The point here is one should invest only that much of amount which he can afford to hold for a longer period. 

I think crypto like BTC, LTC, NEO, Ripple, Monero and Steem has lot of potential if invested for long period. However, this is my personal opinion and I may be wrong as I’m not a financial expert.


Yes there are crypto which are most undervalued like Scorum coin which is available at coin market cap and in openledger exchnage which has only 61396691 supply and its concept is very good. Its works on the concept of sports betting and blogging for sports its is main theme of working. 

I recomonded you to work on this platform with blogging as you will get free coins and you will be able to earn much more and even if whales will look after this coin it will grow upto you can ever think i future. 

As of now literally every single crypto currency is extremely undervalued. For example I would put btc easily at 20k by the end of the year, however it is currently sitting at under $6,300. Unfortunately btc is like the king of crypto, with its price dictating all the other coins. One major coin that I suggest looking into for potentially investing is ripple (XRP), which in my opinion has the best potential. Since it is unlike any other coin, having it centralized is a lot more accepted in society. It allows any regulations that countries pass to have no impact on the coin, and allows banks to more freely use it. Currently it is sitting at around $.30-$.40, and I see it’s potential passing over $4 easily.

There could be .. but Bitcoin is still the main currency. There's too many useless alt coins out there that REALLY needed to lose their values because they were simply pumped and dumped.