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Will the price of steem get high?

You have asked a valuable question. In my opinion steem price will go high again. Because steem is also a cryptocurrency like Btc,Eth,Ltc Coins. And cryptocurrencys are always up and down their prices. So I am sure steem price will go high again. Before this time it was again high and now its down and after that it will be again high. So don worry, Seat back and keep calm. The steem price will definitely go high. And we will happy again. Haha 😃😃☺☺!


Steem is a very stable crypto. It is the best when compared to other cryptos because steem is not a dead investment. The more you work with steem backed projects, the more you make. 

Why is Steem sliding down?

Many of the cryptos are tied to how bitcoin core fares in the market. I am sure when bitcoin surges, all cryptos will rise higher too. 

If you are planning to invest in Steem, the time is right now. If Steem doubles in price, a huge profit can be made or if powered up, it can help get you returns. 

steem also earned us air drops from GBYTE


 Every   cryptocurrency always have the erratic nature of rising and falling. You can observe this in Bitcoin which rose drastically around early 2018. Bitcoin is now down. This similar experience occurs in other cryptos like Etherium, Litecoin, Steem, etc. 

-- The fact is steem will also rise again just as it fell unexpectedly. We just have to keep hoping for the best and make use of this opportunity to invest more steem. 

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In my opinion yeah. Because steem has real world use case. What can be better than fastest transactions and scalable blockchain? Additionally every year steem inflation rate decreases. In the future smts are coming. When bull market will begin steem price also will get high.