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What is the real essence of life?

What is the purpose and essence of life in this mortal world? "Most of the people I see and whom I meet may not have discovered the essence that actually lives in this world. They still follow the rules that have been agreed upon without questioning the intent and purpose of the rules themselves.

It is true that if we follow the rules that have been made, life will be easy and avoid threats. But a wise person once said "If you want to succeed without pressure from any party, you sometimes have to break the rules". Because with us always following the existing rules, then we will be depressed and will be pursued by the rules themselves. Finally, the thoughts and motivations that exist within us cannot be advanced and broad because of the binding rules from the beginning that have mastered ourselves and the mind.

Sometimes there are also people who are bound by the rules, so that the advice and talk given does not affect them. Such people will find it difficult to accept input because it has been controlled by agreed rules. The doctrine of the rules that exist in themselves as if they will master the mind and perspective that will not be able to advance their creativity and their true desires. But there are also people who have said that humans who cannot follow the rules are better off living in the wild, because humans cannot accept the reality that has been set from the beginning. But life in the wild also has rules.

Life in the wild has implied rules, but has been proven in real terms. People who follow the rules will surely assume that it needs to be done to avoid death. So we cannot blame any party, because that depends on how the mindset of each person to interpret each rule that has been made and agreed upon together.

In the Holy Qur'an there is also one verse which states that "No I (Allah) created jinn and humans but only to worship Me". Most people still interpret the verse literally, not interpreting in depth what is meant in that verse.


Individuals come and individuals go, leaving nothing afterward except for encounters and recollections. Some progression into your life and give you such a pith, to the point that you absolutely never need to give them a chance to take off. Some show you unimaginably profitable exercises that stay with you for a lifetime. Some guide you, some hurt you. Some assistance you develop, some push you low. In any case, your life continues proceeding onward inspite of their quality or nonappearance. 

In this, it is vital to do just a single thing. Soak up every one of the encounters. Love, scorn, hurt, trouble, euphoria, bliss, and every one of the exercises. Each will contact your life in their own particular uncommon and special way. Implant the great encounters and minutes in your heart. Keep the awful ones in the back of your brain. Tell individuals on the off chance that you miss them. Let them know whether you feel pulled in towards them. Let them know whether you feel hurt. Disclose to them what they intend to you. Express every inclination. 

Since these are minutes that you can't remember. Try not to lose the appeal of essential minutes by not saying what you feel and rather amass laments. Sadly, in some cases these second thoughts wind up continuing on forever. Rather, endeavor to lead your existence with not so much laments but rather more recollections by valuing each minute. 

Life is valuable. What's more, so are you. So don't give it a chance to get smashed under the weights of regular inconveniences. Figure out how to look past them. Welcome yourself, the general population in your life, every day and each minute. You never know the estimation of what you have today until the point that it's no more. 

Life ends up straightforward when we figure out how to live at the time.