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What do you think is major obstacle for steem to get mass adoption?
Regardless of market i wanna hear your opoinions. I believe that language is one of the biggest barriers we are facing. Many of my friends didn't show up due to their lack of english knowledge, i believe there should be formed native communities that will be able to interact without the need of knowing some other language.

I think there are several problems that we need to resolve before mass adoption. Some of them include people just trying to scam the system, running rings and circle jerk clubs.  Using the platform for only their self interest and not doing anything to help the community grow, that is a huge obstacle.

Next I think censorship and flagging is a big problem. If you have a disagreement with someone and they go on a personal vendetta against your account, it can have a big impact on your returns. 

I really think we have got a way from the sense of community, I will even use musing as an example. I see a few people come on here and post 5 questions in 5 minutes without trying to interact with anyone else. The only reason they post is because they are looking for an upvote from the main account. That mentality kills the founding idea behind Steem and we must be diligent in trying to curb this behaviour.

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To my understanding, the mass adoption  of STEEM is based on the fact that there are a few realtime use cases for STEEM. It is high time that Steem holders will begin to make a realtime collection of Steem as payment for goods and services.

Below is a banner I designed for my Creativity Hub in Uyo, Nigeria. On the left flange, you can see clearly written that clients who pay with STEEM or SBD will earn 30% discount on all their payments. 

Image source - https://steemit.com/business/@uyobong/re-strategise-business-to-use-blockchain-30-discount-for-clients-who-pay-with-steem

The above promotion of STEEM and payment rule still holds valid and it was my little way of trying to promote steem. At first, some persons were not very comfortable with it, but with time, I successfully on-boarded a couple of them to the platform and we grow together.

If every active user of STEEM can create a realtime USE CASE for STEEM in their locality, then soon, STEEM would be widely adopted.

Currently, I am incubating my Steem-based project @Writeandearn which is meant to take STEEM content to realtime library users, bookshops and reading clubs in Nigeria. With these some good readers will be awarded with STEEM rewards which they must enroll here to earn it. This is my way of promoting STEEM



1......the actual Intrinsic value of the STEEM blockchain...

currently the main reason why most people are making a purchase of the STEEM token is actually because of a speculation (trading)...To really make the STEEM market to actually be more liquid and also eventually more stable, the potential investors actually need alot more effective long-term value while they are holding the STEEM. The actual ultimate goal is to really ensure to make the STEEM blockchain to be so valueable to an extent that even the venture capitalists will be so really interested in investing,

without really specifically wanting to actually make use of the social media platform (SteemIt).....

2.....the Ease of use

This is actually one of the major obstacles to really overcome. Although it is currently not the worst case,but there are lots of things that could be really improved...the user interface for the steemit.com could specifically use a lot of upgrades... by being Extensive, a good easy to access "help features" and preferably an extensive video tutorials should also be available too at some point......

Then the actual biggest problem is often the difficulty of cryptocurrencies sector itself.... This technology is really so new that it is not so actually very user friendly enough to actually reach the mass adoption.just Imagine having to really teach your mom or father how to really exchange the STEEM into Bitcoin and also then into the fiat currency... The procedure is actuallly kind of cumbersome and there are some possible large potential for errors.....

3....After seven days your contents cannot really earn money anymore on the steem blockchain....

Honestly This current implementation in my opinion is truly harsh to alot of ontent creators. just imagine a creator/author actually going through the often tedious process of actually writing a very good contents and then when the author/creator is now finally ready to be able to publish it, the publisher would only really pay you based on the paymens generated in the first 7 days... sincerely that could sound very unreasonable and many individuals would not be really encouraged to want to really publish their contents anymore or put more efforts to create a very high quality contents that would be interesting to read...that is why we have alot of plagiarized and spam contents flying around on steemit... Although most of the publications on Steemit would not quite really require the 100s of hours of work, but many content creators will likely deliver many lower quality contents because of this actual extreme limitation on SteemIt currently.......

4....Many users are really powerless...

With the actual current implementation on the steem blockchain, there are thousands of users that really have less power than one particular person that has alot of STEEM POWER. ..This in my opinion is actually the opposite of the actual preferred behavior.... The true ideal situation in my own opinion is that the other large numbers of users are also really exptected to be really also equally reliable in actually curating contents properly and get profitability same way with the other single user who have very huge steempower...the steempower should be more of an investment than just only an influence on the steem blockchain thereby making the blockchain to be prone to many abuses by some people who would want to take advantage of their influence on the steem blockchain...


Well, language shouldn't be really an issue. 'kr' tag is pretty famous on Steemit, mainly used by Koreans. You can start something similar.

Now regarding, barrier. I would go with account creation, native Steemit account creation is slow process. Other ways are claiming account from high SP user but new comers would not be aware of it, same can be said about buying accounts.

People will come to steemit sign up page and when they can't create they will give up without going further.


The major obstacle are many but the more concentrated form of obstacle is the governance by steemit Inc. The community members somehow are raising question about the integrity of steemit Inc. It is not about at what position steemit Inc is. But the problem is lack of communication and lack of clarity. Many potential investors and steemians with high stake still want this platform to grow but they are concerned about steemit Inc. They want steemit Inc to be vocal, whatever is going on.

Steemit Inc still holds about 27 to 28% approx of the total amount of steem. That is a weak point and point of concern when we talk about decentralization and steemit Inc holding about that much steem of the total supply, if not utilized for the real development then people will not find themselves uncomfortable. So the community members want the clarity of the use of fund. I really doubt whether steemit Inc properly communicate with witness or not, forget about the community members. In a FUD situation this sort of things could fuel even more FUD. So this is one area of concern for steemit INC. Recently steemit Inc also pulled out delegations from musing and sndbox and I think no body have a clue to why it did. Steemit Inc can do so, there is no problem in that but by giving a reason or a statement along with it would have given more clarity. If you count some of the apps in recent times which really keep steem moving then musing is of them from the list of few.

Now you are saying about language barrier. I do not think it is such a big issue. It is a decentralized community and in steem community many other languages are still in play. So you can also build your own with your group, but if you are expecting monetization and reward of it, then it may not be feasible, otherwise you have ample space here to grow your own language based sub-community or tag and subsequently grow. Why not do that instead of waiting for someone or waiting for steemit to endorse that.

When you are talking about mass adoption, for a newcomer it is not that easy task to know every details about dapps and steemit and steem blockchain and the functioning of the whole ecosystem. When they first come here they will only catch steemit. So it the duty of steemit to lower the barrier of entry by instantly opening of account just as it was happening in the initial period like 2016-17. If steemit will not do that then it is a turn off for new comer to join this ecosystem. If you will tell them about paid service through different agents, then that may not go down well with newcomers and I have practically seen that reluctance from new people.

Thank you and Have a great day.