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What opinion do you have concerning teenage sex?

I feel that in the event that you truly need to have intercourse, have it. I don't have anything exceptional against it yet most youngsters that engage in sexual relations today are either compelled to have it by their companions or they do it since they need to yet they are not wary. High schooler pregnancies are normal and they happen a great deal since young people think "goodness, well condoms are for washouts" and they more often than not wind up in an issue. At any rate, that is the situation in my nation. Most young people consider insurance to be a misuse of cash and they expect that their companions will feel that they are feeble in light of the fact that they are out of the present pattern.

As I stated, in the event that you need to do it and be dependable and mindful, at that point do it. In the event that you are constrained by your companions - don't and on the off chance that you imagine that you need to do it in light of the fact that your companions did it - don't on the grounds that you will most likely think twice about it.


My opinion is, we should educate our children, and keep a realistic outlook on how they will choose to live their teen years. 

I'm not saying we shouldn't lay down rules and guidelines, but we should consider the implications of our rules and guidelines, and consider how they will affect the child. 

I believe in educating children before they are going through biological changes. 

Ultimately, if any of my kids end up having teenage sex, I will hope they are safe while doing so, and I may express my dissatisfaction with their decision, but I will not make them feel like they are wrong for having urges and acting on them. 

Most teens end up having sex. It's a statistical fact. Understanding that first and foremost, may align your perception to deal with the situation if/when it arises.


I think undesirable pregnancies are similarly as basic among grown-ups and wedded couples as among the young people. Because they have the freedom to rub off the "undesirable" tag and bear the youngster without the general public pointing fingers at them, or possibly in light of the fact that they can adapt up to the repercussions of an undesirable pregnancy doesn't make it right.

In addition, there are a considerable measure of things that can turn out badly out and out amid sex or perhaps a while later, so it can't be stick indicated only one reason. I think after a specific age amid the young itself, Sex is no more "organically wrong" and there's no damage in engaging in sexual relations in your late teenagers. There is nothing unique about the manner in which grown-ups engage in sexual relations contrasted with that of adolescents. What varies is the demeanor, while things may turn out badly for both of the gatherings, grown-ups are normally sufficiently developed to deal with the psychological injury with poise contrasted with the young people.

Another viewpoint is Sexual mindfulness, and it is by a long shot the most imperative factor for anybody. Its more often than not amid their adolescents that the children get presented to different ideas including that of sex. Furthermore, we as a general public have made young sex sound so lucratively-prohibited that they out of their curiosity get this inclination to attempt it once for themselves, much the same as smoking or drinking.

Adolescents are generally in their learning procedure, and in the event that they aren't instructed about safe sex then they may wind up stuck in an unfortunate situation. Whenever done indiscreetly, the dangers engaged with the sexual procedure far exceed its advantages and young people who aren't typically mindful with the things that can turn out badly wind up in a bad position numerous a times. This may precisely be the motivation behind why it is made to be sounded as forbidden.

Banishing kids from sex-ed is the most noticeably bad thing grown-ups can do. Also, If you need your youngster to realize that adolescent sex is a terrible thing, you need to give him/her enough motivation to comprehend it, and in case you're alright with him/her engaging in sexual relations then you should mindful them of its negative perspectives and additionally the positive angles soundly. While a few guardians are sufficiently sensible to influence their children to comprehend why sex at a wrong age may prompt a vexed future others probably won't be as open to examining sexual conduct with their children.

In this way, having intercourse in your youngsters is no ifs ands or buts an otherworldly inclination both physically and inwardly, Ignorance and Immaturity from both of the accomplices may wind up destroying it for the other, or possibly for both.

So in case you're sincerely sufficiently developed to -

keep it private (obviously individuals will come to realize that you're engaging in sexual relations, however you don't need to circumvent yourself getting the message out),

handle it sincerely on the off chance that anything turns out badly,

know the dangers included and have enough development to pursue the measures to protect you and your accomplice,

mindful of what to do and what not to improve the situation making it a satisfying knowledge as opposed to a disappointing one, nothing else matters.


I'm probably in the minority here but I don't really see any problem on it as long as they know how to protect themselves and/or prevent unwanted pregnancies.

Sex is not just simply a "want" but more like a "need". In Psycholog specifically Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, Sex is on the same boat as food and breathing. That is how important "sex" is to humans.

So as long as teenagers use protection and they are aware for any possible consequences, then I honestly don't mind it. Also the more parents and society restricts teenagers to do sex, the more they will be curious to do it. I say we should at least be freely open about it and let it work it out for themselves. Teenagers aren't that dumb and self-centered as what society paints them to be. :)