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Why do some men only want sex?

Why do some women only want sex?

It all comes down to morals and values. 

If a PERSON only wants sex, that is their prerogative, and is likely influenced by their own personal set of beliefs and/or goals in life. 

You shouldn't generalize it to just men, because that is bullshit. Plenty of women are the same in this respect. 


I think that man is like that because there are some words like the following:

1. Men who are more happy to communicate through the media

There are some men who only want to communicate with women through sms, e-mail, chat rooms, and not much to invite couples to meet directly. Indicates this man has no seriousness with you.

2. Men Who Recognize Himself Free People

If you talk to a man, then the man describes himself as a free person, who does not like to be ordered, does not like being bound, and says to live the relationship as it is without showing commitment, then just leave this man. No need to waste time over time.

3. Men Who Like Dating In The Same Place

That is, if your partner often takes dating but in the same place. That means he has a selfish attitude and doesn't want to listen to you. In addition, there is a possibility he hid something when choosing another place. Maybe in other places there are women he dating too.

4. Men Promise Sale

Recently invented with you, the conversation has begun to lead to a husband and wife relationship. Initially told about the household. Then, the topic will change to his sexual relationship

5. Men with impromptu dating

Usual if a man gives a surprise on a date with his partner. However, an impromptu date with a reason to miss, is not natural. Invitations for dating are also unusual at times, for example at night before going to bed. The point is that there are shrimp behind the rock.

6. Men who close themselves and don't like private talk

This is clear. A man who does not want to speak more about himself does not show any seriousness in establishing a relationship. He thinks it's not important, because the important thing is to get yourself and enjoy it.

7. Men who are physically close together

A man who often likes to be close to you means he is very happy with his own sexual desires. This man likes touching your hands, holding hands, hugging, and any attitude that combines physical with you. Be vigilant and better get away from men like this.


We don't "just" need sex, yet it is a piece of a solid relationship. To be perfectly honest, in the event that you would prefer not to fulfill a man you are most likely the wrong lady for him and he has to realize that.


Men are quick to argue they don't only want sex but I believe what this means is they want sex as much as they want anything else that is if there is something else they want more than sex. Is there? I strongly doubt. Most Men have built their relationship around sex that to the no relationship can exist without sex leaving us women to wonder why do men want only sex.

Sex is interesting and a very wonderful experience and bonds couples together and yes women do want sex as much as men do but here are the reason why I believe men want only sex.

1. The society has made women moral agents and men not so much so. The society expects men to sow their wild oaths and have as many partners as possible. Men love to brag about their sexual prowess and to be able to stand among their mates and brag they want to have lots of experiences so they can have a story to tell and this entails having as much sex as possible.

2. Most men are afraid of commitments. Men are created in such a way that they can have sex without being emotionally attached unlike women. A woman has sex and the next thing she is picturing the possibilities of a future but not a man. A man can have sex with you without having any sort of feelings for you. They know they can have sex without commitments and this increases the rate at which they have sex.

3. Sex can easily be gotten. During the hood old days, sex is only experiences within the four walls of marriage but not anymore. You can have sex with as many girls as you want and the good thing is you don't have to marry any of them. Some Ladies on the other hand are readily available to give sex to any man who promises a relationship or any man who has got the money to provide for her needs. They believe it is their body and so can do whatever they like with it. While wait to get married before having sex when it is readily available.

4. Sex is free. Sex is the cheapest thing ever and so why won't men only want sex when they don't have to pay for it?