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How important is lifelong learning for you?
Does it matter to you at all? Yes? No? What does it mean to you?

My favorite game is "what if?" - what if I tried doing this, instead of that? What would my results be? This helps me improve in all sorts of areas, everything from playing my character better in a game to improving my business. I strongly believe that life should be enjoyable and rewarding and if I weren't learning new things everyday I would be bored to tears. Plus, I would be a very boring person! Who wants to engage with someone who has a very limited view of the world and who isn't interested at all in learning about new things, new perspectives, new people and cultures? 

I can't imagine my life without learning and when I look at some people who never wanted to expand their minds through new learning experiences, I shudder. By not being afraid to learn and embrace new technologies, new people, new experiences, I can come to the blockchain and see the wonderful opportunities that exist, and get a better understanding of the world I live in. I pity those who live in a world without learning. They are doomed to become the grumpy old man yelling "all you kids get off my lawn" as they rail against change and look with suspicion on those people who are "different" than they are. 

If you learn and understand something, it's really hard to be afraid of it. And much of the violence and negativity in the world today is sparked by fear - fear of the unknown and the "different". And the only way to get rid of the unknown is to learn about it.


Personally, I feel that if we aren't learning then a part of us dies and we lose our ambition to better ourselves so we should always be trying to learning something new as long as we are alive. Learning can come in many forms and doesn't have to be formal learning through a formal school or training program. I learn something new almost every single day and then try to use that knowledge so I don't forget what I have learned.

It's winter time here now and a lot of people get depressed during the holiday season so keeping the mind sharp and focused on learning a new skill or trade can be one way of combatting the symptoms of depression. We all need a purpose in life and learning provides us with a goal and something to strive for as well as a purpose for our lives. And if we focus on our own learning and personal development, we set an example for others in our lives including children. Children watch what the adults in their lives do and they imitate their actions. So, if you focus on lifelong learning then it is highly likely that they will too! 

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I believe the developmental phases of human anatomy also comes with learning I think whether people like it or not they are always going through a learning process and phase as they age with time experiences, journeys and events are part of the learning process which human being must undergo so I believe lifelong learning process is very important because this are the things that will contribute to accumulating wisdom when you reach a certain old age that is why you see some old men and women have vast wisdom why some other old people are just ignorance without wisdom this is because they have not accumulated a lifelong learning process while they are developing with age.

In earnest I think that learning must continue in life no matter the age or no matter the time no one is actually filled up with knowledge that is why in medicine we have various fields like surgeon common dentist and so many more people cannot have total knowledge of everything that is why knowledge is always important and one can only have knowledge when the learning process continuous because I think when learning is halted then knowledge can become redundant and archaic but with lifelong learning process the knowledge you can continue being recycled and redeveloped without being old or outdated


I believe that we now live in the age of willful ignorance. Anyone who has free access to the internet has no true excuse for staying ignorant, other than laziness.

We can't learn everything at once, nor can we learn everything. But we can steadily increase our knowledge day by day. I think even if we limit ourselves to learning about the things we enjoy it's a process that could continue until death.

For me it's become a hobby to learn at least a little every day. The speed at which we can communicate ideas or be exposed to ideas that we would never have heard in the past is truly astounding. I can't imagine myself wanting to stop.

I love to learn about things that are helpful to me, new skills, languages, even things that may never be useful to me I still find them interesting.

If you have the time and money it's worth enrolling in classes to most quickly learn what you're interested in. But I will always use the internet as a way to access extra information, either directly or by finding the books I need.


in this world, as human beings, we go through different places, and phases of life, change being the most constant thing . a lesson learnt today, may not be applicable tomorrow, a skill learnt today, may be updated and upgraded tomorrow and this is purely because  the world is in constant change and we need to adjust to it. 

We live and meet different people everyday, with different life experiences, knowledge and skills from what we are accustomed too. All the above are the reasons why life long learning is important, not just for me, should be for everybody else.    


Learning is itself a life long thing. The fact that no one knows everything is the reason why learning is continuous, as the day goes by and new things gets revealed; likewise knowledge. The knowledge of 10 years ago is different from that of this present time. Life is constantly evolving and for us to evolve with it, we must equip ourselves with the right knowledge.

So learning is very important all through one's life time because no two days are the same and we need the right knowledge in order to make the best of each day that we get into. Learning also revitalized the mind and keeps it refreshed. The mind of a man that constantly seeks knowledge never ages, though his skin may look wrinkled. learning is truly a lifelong thing


Lifelong learning is on everyone's lips and is becoming increasingly important. But what exactly is meant by that and why is it so important? Continuous learning is of great importance from several perspectives. First, it increases the chances for career success. On the other hand, it promotes mental health and offers benefits for old age.

This term means that people learn all their lives and independently gather information to develop their skills. This includes everything that a person appropriates during his entire life, for example, to obtain qualifications or simply to expand his own knowledge.

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The occupational aspect is an important argument for many people to avail themselves of further education measures. The amount of jobs requiring only a one-time training to be employed throughout life is steadily declining. It is more important than ever for companies to employ qualified and educated employees. The reason for this is that our society is getting faster and faster and thus also affecting the economy. Further developments of technologies are therefore progressing at an ever faster rate and what is still relevant today may become outdated tomorrow.

In order to stay competitive, companies need to innovate at ever-decreasing intervals, adapt to the latest technologies, and compete with new products. For this they need capable and willing employees.

Furthermore, it is also of great importance for the employee himself to continue his education. The more skills he acquires and the higher his qualification, the higher his market value will be. He will be irreplaceable for his current business and attractive to potential new employers. So if you want to be successful in your career, you should have the will to continue your education and be able to learn and adapt. To motivate employees to further training, many companies use incentives such as bonuses and promotions.

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However, lifelong learning is also important for other areas of life besides the profession. As an adult, you learn differently than you did when you were a child. Adults have already gained experience and expanded their skills. So they focus on the important and hide the unimportant. In addition, they are able to better reflect their own actions and thus also their learning success.

On the one hand, the mind is required and trained through continuous learning. On the other hand, learning makes you happy. When dealing with topics of personal interest, learning is easier and more fun. If it is a motivating topic that the learner opens up to, dopamine is released from the brain to solve the problem. This serves the reward of the body and makes happy.

In addition, lifelong learning opens up new possibilities and offers increasing flexibility. When learning languages, for example, it is possible to talk to people in your own language in other countries and find their way around. Anyone who learns to do so adapts better to new situations and copes with them faster, which in turn increases life satisfaction.


All adults who are required for them to study. Even though death approaches him. Because science will never end. The more people want to make things bigger, the more learning they have to demand.

If someone wants to do more meaningful things in his life, then he will need greater knowledge of what he wants to do later.

Frankly, to this day I continue and still study science, especially science, which is the basic foundation of my life. In fact, a teacher is still very much in need of learning.

Learning will have no point. This is what we need to know. Not only for individuals, but for all people who have reason. Thank you for the question. Hopefully someone else can answer more than me.