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Where do you see yourself in five years?
Your dreams, your hopes, your visions?

I have seen hundreds of people who heats particular this question to answer in interviews, as I am working with the HR department for almost four and a half years. But I think preparing the answer to this question could help one to really set the vision where he wants to be in future.

Sometimes I used to imagine myself as a middle aged women and wonder- how would I look like, how would my thought change, how would I behave, how rich or wealthy I would be etc. It helps me to set some rules for my life and stay on the right path.

I am going to be 30 in three years. As in this point of my life I really want some specific thing to be achieved till I am 35 or 40. I motivate myself to work hard for them.

> The first thing would be- More patience. As in my personal life I am a little calmless. So I would prefer to achieve more patience in my personal life.

>Getting in-depth knowledge. I would like to achieve some in-depth knowledge about my work related field and surely about crypto too.

> More involvement with family and pears. As now in my age I am a little busy with my personal life I would like to connect more with my well wisher.

> Living a healthy life. I used to eat lot of instant food and junk food. And there is no exercise. I am planning to change that in near future. 

> Planning to be a mother for second time. It may sound wired and silly. But this decision needs lot of other sacrifices. I have a cute toddler already. And having another one would be great.

> Make myself a little wealthy. May be I would not get rich in this period. But what I have now I want to add some extra with it and I am trying hard.

So in a nutshell I can say that I am seeing myself more knowledgable, more connected with the society, a happy mother and a happy women in near future. I am greatful to what I have now but adding some extra would be more great in my life.

Have a nice day. 


I am married, have two cute children, blessed with one daughter and one boy, and have a kind and loyal husband to accompany me both in joy and sorrow.

After completing my studies at one of the universities seven years ago, I began to study the faculty department that I completed, which was to become an educator in one of the hinterlands of the Aceh province of Indonesia.

Seven years of serving the teaching profession is very unlucky in Indonesia if you are oriented towards monthly income, but I do not like everything to be measured by money, even though we really need money to live a life and make ends meet.

I chose the teaching profession, because I love my work, being an educator in the interior is very valuable to me, I have activities as educators in areas that do not have adequate facilities, in addition to remote areas, lack of willingness to study for students makes my determination stronger to invite them study every school day. Yes, that's where I spent my seven years.


Hmm, in five years I want to have accomplished a lot. When I'm done with university in 2019, I have a number of things I want to do.

First I want to further my education and acquire my masters degree in one of the various fields either in Electronics, Telecommunications, Cyber security or any of the related fields. A masters degree will typically take a year and half to 2 years.

After that I intend to attend Ambassador Bible College (ABC) in Cincinnati which is about a year long. Hopefully, by the time I finish both programs roughly 3 years of the 5 would be gone. While studying I intend to also work and earn some money. I would save as much as I can that period for the next phase of my plan. Travelling.

With the money I have saved, I will travel to as many choice destinations of the world as I can afford to. My dad loves to travel and so I'd take him along whenever possible. I would meet people, make friends of all nations and tribes, get a broader perspective of life as I travel. One year would be sufficient for travels I imagine. This leaves me with one year remaining.

The last one year I would use to get a good job anywhere in the world and find myself a lifetime partner, a helper that will be instrumental in obeying God's command to multiply and fill the earth, xD.

That's it for me at a glance, what about you?



Well, Answering this question is a bit tricky for me because we can't where we can see ourselves in next five year but as a human we always make some plan for future and we try our best to achieve that.

I want to achieve the perfection in my respective field in the next 5 years and want to help everybody and I am also waiting for that movement when I am giving a Car as a Gift to my father and I hope he will be very that time.  

So, I would suggest you for sure make goals in your life and try to divide it into small small goal that motivate to complete the next goal and when you complete first short term goal then celebrate and move for further.  Because never stop to challenge you and giving task you. 

  Thank you & Have a Good Day/Night!