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Do you still use pen and paper nowadays to make notes, scribble something or write a letter?

I don't write letters, and I don't think anyone below the age of 50 does send hand written post, with exception of that post card 5 years ago when they went on vacation but it was lost and never delivered. 

But a pen and paper is just something people do from time to time. 

If you have a pen, and a note book on your hand, it is faster than typing it down. 

Yeah, everyone have a phone on their person. 

It does seem more convenient. 

For me personally, 

I have a bunch of paper always laying on my desk, and a plethora of pens to my disposal. 

Partially due to the fact that my wife collects nice pens.

I don't need to reach for my phone, run the notepad app, and then type it while cursing the auto-correct changing my words to incorrect ones.

I just write down whatever I need to write down and I'm done.

I know the ability to write becomes lost in the adulthood. 

My hand writing is terrible. 

We're living in the age where 99% of writing a person does is done on a keyboard of some sort.

There are people who scroll with their thumb longer distance than they walk on some days.

I'm just not that kind of person. 


I still have a diary and pen plus a notebook.. I use it daily and couldn't live without it. Bad habits die hard I suppose .but seeing what you have done and need to do is a good way to check on things instantly.

I am not into putting everything on to a tablet or laptop but prefer writing down thoughts. I have this diary as it is my go to book on whatever I need to do. I have a notebook as well which I keep all my valuable information like costings etc.

By having these items with me it helps me make decisions instantly. It gives your clients the confidence to do business with you as there aren't emails flying around and in today's world they have instant decisions.



But not to write letter

Usually to make lists or hot ideas so I don't forget


I don't use pen and papa to write a letter, but I use it when I'm in a seminar, to take note of some points

I use pen and paper to make my To-do list.

I also use pen and paper to write songs or solfas.

Aside that, I don't.


Yes,! Pen and Paper is still very useful to me and to many persons as Stationary Shops still abound around my city.

E books has made an entry into our documentation culture but it has not been strong enough to supplant paper and pen. This will Subsists , even into the next century.

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Yes! I still use them. Pen and paper is a very necessary commodity I can't do without. Sometimes I just feel like writing. I must say in my country the Biro and paper industries make billions of Naira yearly. Because the quest for pen and paper is still on the high side. The usage is still rampant in my country as not every school (primary or secondary) accepts the use of cell phones in the classroom but usage of laptops are encouraged in some schools I guess.

As a musician, I do write lyrics in my quiet time. I even use Biro to jot down vital information I wouldn't want to loose.

Thank you.


I still do a bit of journaling and occasionally use paper for notes, though far less than used to before iPhone & iPad took dominance...


As a college student, pen and paper is still essential to this day. I believe it will take many more years before we fully transition to a more dystopian form of writing notes and letters.


@Ohmygoodness, Yes for sure. And here i want to say one thing and that is, no matter how much Technological Advancement we achieve, we should not leave our basics because our base hold the peaceful essence and still i enjoy to make notes with pen and pencil on piece of paper or diary. Stay blessed 🙂