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How important is having a religion for you in our modern times?

Answering this question made me uncomfortable.

As there are people with conservative religious believe and people who do not believe in all of this. So my answer would hurt both of them. But I am the personality to respect others life choice and always have the mind to understand and compromise. 

So for me, in this modern world we need religion much more.

You may notice, all the religions around the world have one thing in common- charing, loving others and not hurting, doing disturbance to others. It is not like that, with out religion we can not adopt those charecteristics. But it is more likely, as, we are living in a society where we can not learn proper ethical materials from others behaviour. So learning it from religious book or teaching it from those books is much more easy and effective. That's what I believe.

Other thing is, we as a human being have the mind to obey superiors. It is difficult to adopt such kind of characters in us automatically, which can made us to certain things or which can made us to not do certain things. I am not saying it is impossible but it takes time. And more than half still practicing religion so getting rid of it and living without it may get hard without proper guideline for life.

Moreover, there is no institutional ethical education system, which can guide us from the beginning. So as a child adopting good ethics without seeing them or hard of them would be a challenge. That's the point also why we still need religion in our life.  

I am not a religious one, but I can not neglect the need of religion in today's society, I must approve that. 

Have a great day.  


For me it means everything. And I don't mean religion because religion as we know it today encompasses a of things. From the African traditional worshipers to Buddhists, Christianity, Judaism, Islam and so on and so forth. They're all religions.

What's most important to me is not the existence of religion but the opportunity to know the truth about life through the lens of the very creator of the whole universe. And so, I'm a Christian but I also recognize that bulk of what we know as Christianity today is a fine blend of the truth and paganism.

The word Christians means Christ-like and so true Christians behave like Christ would.

The reason living by the word is God is so important to me is because it's very relevant in every area of life. It addresses issues ranging from relationships, hard work, marriages family, friendship and many other things. Most importantly it talks about God's coming Kingdom that will bring lasting peace to the world.

People erroneously think that God's word is outdated or boring. Or that its just a trap that tries to constrain people against their will. It's not true, on the contrary the world will be a better place if we obeyed God. The word of God is far from outdated, it's truth and life.

The fact is that God is about relationships and God's word teaches us about how to become better people. For thousands of years now, a lot has changed but the very nature of man hasn't. And the nature of man is at the core of most of man's problems. If we obey God and change ourselves we would in effect change the world.

In the modern times, God's word helps me stay on track, helps shape my opinions, it's helps me direct my steps and helps me relate properly with people. It teaches me to be a light to the world.

Everyday I strive to live by the principles given in the Bible and I can see the benefits in my life. You should too.

Have a nice day.


Honestly, I don't think Religion is a good thing anymore, and this is coming from someone who belongs to a country where religion is just about everything. The fact that the concept of religion exists amongst human beings has done a lot of good, but at the same time it's done a lot of harm.

We already have too many things that divide us as human beings from race to ethnicity and so much more, religion has only served to further divide us as a species. Let me use Nigeria as a case study, there's a lot that divides us as a nation, but one undeniable factor that divides us is religion. In fact, the northern hemisphere of the country is purely Islamic while the southern hemisphere is purely Christian, it's a bit divided at the center.

I feel like the world is evolving everyday and we've begone to break barriers between each other that were previously thought to be unbreakable and the concept of different religions can only serve to build those barriers back up. I mean just look at Gay rights, if most religions had their way there wouldn't be such a thing.

Now I have to also mention that religion isn't all bad, in fact what is bad is the way we interpret it and practice our various religions. Morality is at an all time low across the world and religion might just be the only thing that's keeping the world from going bunkers. The problem with religion is that every religion has people who aren't willing to respect other people's religion and that's where the problem begins.

I can't end this without talking about Africa in general, I honestly think that religion is one of the worst things that happened to Africans because it's impaired our ability to move forward. Your average African man is ready to pray from morning till night in hopes that God will make a way for him instead of going out to make a way for himself. We've been so blinded by the concept of a supernatural God that will do everything for us that we forget that he's already given us the tools to work out our own success.

In a world which is changing more and more everyday, that kind of mentality can only lead to stagnation because as the rest of the world is on their feet moving forward, Africans will be on their knees begging God to move them forward.

I hope this helps.


I am a person who is not religious, I believe that religion has always been a way of controlling societies through fear and prejudice. I believe that without religions there would be less division and more peace worldwide.