Have you bought all your Christmas presents dor your loved ones and friends yet?

Most of the time I buy gift cards for family and close friends unless I see something that catches my eye and I know they will like it. Some friends I buy gag gifts for or something sentimental. Others I buy tickets to upcoming concerts or shows or an experience of some kind that I know they would like. I have almost all of my Christmas shopping done except for 2 gifts for my nephews. I think I'm going to wait to send them something until after Christmas because I don't want them to get lost in the mail like so many packages do every year. I always try to have my shopping done before December 1 every year because I am not a fan of the shopping crowds of people that are doing last minute shopping. Merry Christmas! 

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Awwn, let me start by saying sorry that your question got downvoted. It, infact wasn't a bad question and I will give my little upvote to show my support. There was nothing wrong with the question you asked. This is the season of Christmas and as such, questions as this are welcome.

Now, I haven't gotten any Christmas present for myself nor my loved ones or friends yet. WIth the recent downturn in the prices of cryptos, it is pretty difficult to afford anything, lol

I haven't even gotten myself a Christmas present, let alone gifts for friends. I am hoping to get me a Christmas dress tomorrow though but no shoe yet.

I know this Christmas is gonna be great, even though it doesn't feel like it, things may not go well or look well now, but I am positive that this Christmas will be lit.

I also hope to get some gifts from friends, families and special loved ones.


Nope. I don't buy any gifts or present for them, all I give them is the treat. I am not a christian but I love christmas and I never miss a chance to go out and hunt the christmas tree, lol. Christmas tree is something which you don't see here in Mumbai usually. I am bad at buying stuff, I do not have that great vision to make a choice as every time I buy something they say that I have wasted the money. So, to be on safe side I do  not go and shop something for my loved ones.

Treating them is the best way to lift up the mood at least you do not have to make a choice, everything is there in the menu. Sweet and simple. It saves my time. 

I do buy things for me and I am good at selecting electronics like smartphones, laptop or other accessories. This year I am thinking to upgrade my computing environment and buy some new keyboard, mouse, portable drive , blah-blah.  At least I am good at something in terms of buying. And I have already treated my loved ones so everything is done and for me, only buying those electronics are left. 


I'm gonna start from the last part of your questions. Whoever down voted it is obviously not in the spirit of Christmas and you should not be worried as it is an honest question and deserves answers. After all, Tis the season to be jolly.

Moving to the top. So sadly, i have not bought a single present for anyone including myself. Now this is not by any fault of mine or any emotional attachment. Its simply because with my financial status, it will be really dumb to buy gifts for people.

This is the first time in 10years than i can say i can't buy gifts for my friends and family and not because i dont want to but because i just cannot. I can literally see my little cousins warming up to rip the boxes open by Christmas morning. The sadness in their faces when they don't receive a gift from aunty Em, would just be absolute torture.

But all the same, i don't think its the gifts that matter but the thought put into getting them. I think thats where true meaning of Christmas spirit comes into play. I say this because its easy to pick out any random thing of the shelf and wrap it up but when you put some thought into it and you remember things about the people the gifts are for, you can actually get them what they want or thought they'd never get. I think that effort shows the humane part of a person and the spirit of giving freely which is Christmas


Yes, I bought all of the Christmas presents three days ago (on 2018.12.11).

Looks like I am the only one so far. People are referring to financial problems, but you don't have to buy expensive gifts. I also didn't bought expensive gifts. It is the intention that matters. Sometimes even the simplest things makes people happy and grateful. I wish Merry Christmas to everyone!