If you are religious and your son or daughter wants to spend his/her life with an atheist, what would you do? If you are an atheist and your son or daughter decides to spend his/her life with a religious person, what would you do?

I am a kind of person that totally believes in free-will so that means that I will allow my kids to to be with whoever they want to be with no matter

their religion or beliefs,i will allow my kids to also choose whatever religion or beliefs which they want as long as they are not hurting other

people,what matters to me is the happiness of my kids and I would not want to hurt them for my own selfish reasons...


It's their business, I wouldn't interfere. I believe they would be old enough to make their decision and they are free to do as they think it's best.

You can't force your children to do what you want. It's their life and they are the ones living it, not me.