If you follow a religion, have you ever read the relevant scriptures of that religion in full?

I think every religion has a book, a scriptural book that proves the originality and the authenticity of that particular religion because no matter what it will definitely come to a time where people would question the aims and objective of their religion their practices and that is where we have this holy books and scriptures in order to guide them.

Take a look at the bible for example , it details everything that had to do with the creation story and also how man existed, the chronological cycle from the first man to the last man the bible also knew that people would ask questions about the existence of Jesus so as a result of this the bible went to great lengths to actually use four disciples of Jesus to write the account of Jesus' purpose, his experiences and his men and mission on earth.

So yes my religion is actually christianity and I have read so many proof and facts of the authenticity christianity because we are all human beings and we need prove to actually prove that what we are practicing is legitimate and viable as well as the only way or the most trustworthy way in other to reach God, so I have read a lot about the scripture which christians called the bible the holy book of christians.

It contains the whole details that christians need in order to practice their faith without doubt so when you read so many relevant places in the scriptures it actually provides answers that a christian might have especially when you read from genesis to revelation. I do not know about other religion but I cant say much for christianity


I'm a moslem. and our scriptures is based on Qur'an. It's in Arabic so i have to read the translate again in Indonesia. Qur'an is really thick scripture, even i'm nit finished to real all the translate yet. And even if i already finish read all the translate, it doesn't mean, i'm understand every verses of it. Our Ustaz said, that is not correct to take all the mean of Verses in Qur'an the way we want. That's why we should doing "Tadabbur" of the Qur'an, more like we learn the real meaning of each verses from the only who really understand it. But it doesn't mean it has no value to read Qur'an if you not understand it. In fact i'm understand several even many of the verses that told you how to help each other, how to being a good person, or the thing's about "Fiqih" it's like the rule in Islam of something in common like marriage, personal hygiene and many more. Beside, it's true i'm really feeling peace while i read it.