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What do you think about Germany?
Any thoughts which come to your mind about Germany. In general, in detail, anything.... I am curious :)

Good question and a pleasure to answer. I can write a bit about Germany because I lived and worked there for more than a year and the first thing that comes to my mind regarding Germany is order. Over there every thing has its place, every institution works flawlessly and things really go smooth as they suppose to. 

Then there is culture. Germans haven't forgotten their culture thus you can find in almost any village or town houses that were built a century ago or even more and the owners kept them in shape. They didn't rebuild the outdoor design of an old house like it happens in my country to just be in trend but left it as they inherited it. They are also are wearing proudly their national clothes during the national day or other important holidays. 

My favorite topic about the country is cars though. Germany being one of the most important car manufacturers in the world you get to see a lot of cars over there of any kind. I lived close to Stuttgart and in that area they were producing Porsche and Mercedes-Benz thus I could see Mercs and Porsches every day and for me that was great. I don't get to see nowadays a 911 that close to me or hear their exhaust pipes every day. Germany really has a thing for cars and they take good care of them.

Now if we get to talk about people I can say that the Germans are kind people. Will help you in any possible way they can, they smile at you when passing by on a street and say "hallo" to you, but they are not that friendly. It's in their nature to be kind but not friendly, especially if you are a foreigner, so don't expect to make many friends in Germany if you are not a German. It's just how they are. Thea are not bad people at all, don't get me wrong and you can also have a lot of fun with them once you get to know them.

Now about the German language I can say that it is one of the hardest languages that I have ever learned and didn't manage to be fluent in German yet, but I did pretty nice. If you live there you have to learn the language because they will not accept you to live in their country and speak English. Either you learn the language or not. They're not gonna throw you out but they refuse to talk to you English at all if you live there so German language is a must. Being a tourist is another situation where they would accept to offer guidance in English also. Although the language is hard it is nice once you learn it and very precise. It's like mathematics I could say.

Beer. If you are a fan of beer then you will definitely love Germany because those people really have beer and there are hundreds of brands I guess, from which you can choose. If you go to a supermarket you won't even know what to choose from, that many brands they have and almost all of them are good. I don't like beer that much but I can say it is good and it's their tradition to make such beer thus I can definitely recommend it and call it a plus for Germany. 

Food is also delicious. I, being an European have appreciated their cuisine. You probably know that their famous food is "schnitzel" and I can say that it is not famous for nothing. A schnitzel with french fries and one or two beers at a "Biergarten" would make almost any evening or weekend a nice and relaxing one. I liked the food they have there and also their restaurants and terraces. It's almost all made of wood there and somehow keeping a traditional design making you feel comfortable and relaxed. 

Last but not least I will talk a bit about the economy which is also an important aspect of Germany. In my opinion it has one of the strongest economies in Europe, unshakable I could say, people over there are respected by the country and unemployment is not a problem ta all. Salaries are not that big as in Norway for example but you can afford a decent living with every salary and you can be sure that you are not paying taxes for nothing. Every penny is being wisely used. The immigrants might affect a bit their economy because most of them don't work and get money "for free" but not too much. The way I see Germany from an economical point of view it is like a train that never runs out of fuel. 

I almost forgot about music. I haven't got to listen too much German music over there but I have to say that they have some. They mostly listen to American songs but they have their own also. I didn't liked it too much because in my opinion the German language is not that melodic but they have their own music also. Don't expect anything to melt your heart but the radio "provides" their national songs also.

Other than that I can say that nature is pretty nice there and taken care of very good, the roads are pretty good although there are too many cars nowadays making traffic a bit hard, girls are pretty nice but don't expect to cross by models every other minute and the weather is pretty normal with four seasons and no extremes. My experience there was pretty nice and a very useful one for my evolution as a man and a citizen of the EU. Definitely recommend Germany as a country to live in but also to visit. One that I will never forget.

Source of image: https://pixabay.com/en/panorama-regensburg-historic-center-2646143/

Hope you will find my answer interesting and have a great day!


I actually feel sorry for the people in Germany. I think their leadership has let them down tremendously opening up their borders to the refugees. 

By just accepting whoever arrived has compromised the peoples security. There should have been controls in place and been done in a controlled manner. I have many German friends who are not only concerned but are now worried.

Germany had a negative population and this was a quick fix to turn that around but taking in mass a new culture is highly risky. It will take time to settle down and I am sure there are going to be huge problems arising from this.

One Muslim family we know have had to move their children out of one school already due to unhealthy teaching practices from other Muslim teachers. There is definitely trouble ahead and huge resentment and regrets coming.