Your government wants you to join the military and you don‘t want to because it is against your innermost beliefs. What do you do?

There isn't much you can do, unless you can somehow find a way to protest the actions of the government and make them listen to you, you're going to have to join the military. In situations like this, you don't have a lot of options but it's not like you don't have any at all.

First of all, you could actually flee the country. It's not an ideal solution but it's the best one you have yet and if you have the means to do so then leaving your country is on sure fire way to escape being drafted into the army.

Another way you could escape being drafted into the army is if you can fake an illness that would make you unfit for the military. It may not work, but you could possibly present a fake medical certificate that shows that you have an ailment that will get you out of the military. There's every likelihood that you'd be tested and examined to make sure that you actually have the ailment but if not then you won't be made to join the army.

If all this fails and you actually have to join the army, make a play to get yourself posted to a place where your talents can be better utilized, and not to the battlefield. It's either that or you hide and remain unseen in your own country and that's a terrible way to live.

I hope this helps.


In this case you go to jail. If there's a law saying you have the obligation to do military service for a certain period, than you have to do it. I've seen people refusing to do military service out of religious reasons and they were jailed. 

Good thing there's no such thing as mandatory military service in my country any more, those who are in the army, join out of their free will and are paid. 

If you ask me, I would find a compromise, so those who don't want to do military service could work that period of time, do something for the community, but then again, who would do military service? When military service was mandatory, guys would go to collage and do as many they could because that was the only way you could escape military service for the study period.  


I want to understand what you mean by innermost believe are you talking about spiritual belief? or believe that has to do with your core moral values in life? I do believe that joining the military should be optional however if joining the military is contrary to my innermost belief just like you put it then I wouldn't sign up for it however you must understand that some things are more important in life and the examples of these things are national security if you will play an important role in ensuring national security of your country then it is imperative that you actually join the army in order to protect the country because if your country is secured so also is yourself and your family.

I want to believe this innermost believe you're talking about is about not shedding blood or killing people, so if I am to advise you what I'm going to say is that you only need to enlist in the army in order to protect your country maybe during a time of war or siege and then immediately you see that your country is protected then you can leave the army and continue with your life.

Advise is that you go on to join the army because it is necessary to protect yourself and your country and this is your civic responsibilities as a citizen of a country because I believe that if you're not alive then you wouldn't even be privileged to practice your innermost believe I am looking at a situation where joining the army will preserve your country so I think you should definitely do it and put your core principles and moral belief aside and protect the interest of your country because it is tantamount and actually very important so I will put that at the top of my scale of preference


In my country, there is freedom of right, the government can not force me to do what I am not interested in especially joining Armed Force, it is my life, I get to decide what I do with it, moreover there are many people interested in joining so the government won't take that measure of forcing people to join..


If they want you to join and it is against your belief. You can refuse it, joining should not be a do or die affair... It is your life and your decision to make..


There is very little you can do. I didn't want to do military service either ,but it beats 5 years in jail.

Our national service was 2 years and jail time is 5 years you have very little options. Maybe if you feel strongly you need to move country.

All countries that have military service have to have severe laws against military dodgers. If they didn't then no one would join up. I would just do it and get it over with. who knows you may end up enjoying it. If you have an open mind and remain positive it will not be that bad.