How would you define a meaningful life?

A life with purpose and goal is kind of meaningful to me. If we do not get sure about our life goal then what meaning it carries, I am not sure.

We all have different life priorities and choices. So working on it is something meaningful to me. Also I can add- getting love in our life and affection gives the true meaning of life. 

If our own life does not satisfy our inner self then it does not matter how much achievement you have got in your life. Life would be meaningless no matter what.

So finding 'inner peace' is also an important factor to get a meaningful life. We may called others life meaningful by seeing their achievements and success. But they may not be happy in their inner self. So what we called a meaningful life may not always is meaningful.

Though the definition can be changed for person to person. But in broader perspective I can say that, a life full of good deeds, a spiritual purpose, some achievements, love and bounding with people can makes a life meaningful.



I am sure you'll find a broad range of answers to this one. From my poerspective, i'd say a meaningful life is one that is filled with Love, clarity and Purpose. 

Love, because it encompasses so many things. You're at peace with the people around you and with yourself, you impact people's lives in a significant way and you're never alone.

Clarity and purpose, because they give your life value and meaning. It's not much fun when you're not sure of a single thing you can do that is beneficial to people, and also contributes to your financial, psychological and physical wellbeing. Having a sense of purpose defines your life and gives you relevance in a particular place in a big way.

Money. Because money is important as a powerful tool to effect change. However, it doesn't define a life as meaningful or not to a large extent. Poor people can lead meaningful lives in small scopes and capacities. 


It is most important to have a meaningful life otherwise it is not worthy of a human being. Life will become meaningful if you have clarity in your life. Clarity comes from knowledge and practical experience aided with patience. Patience is needed to deal with challenges and adversity in life.

Your clarity and understanding about your life will make you focused on your objective. That will fill you with energy and vitality all the time. You will become productive and extract more satisfaction from what you do. That will further boost self confidence, that will enhance your ability to take more responsibility in life. With more responsibility with adequate knowledge you as well as your society will prosper , that gives you a true meaning if life.

How you feel contentment in your life is your conscience but a true meaning of life will make you more content coherently. Life becomes valuable and productive when it finds a meaningful direction.


When I usually try to imagine what a meaningful life is,it actually does not really include the huge house or the millions of dollars or all the actual luxury in the life of a person ....

i believe that A meaningful life is actually when a person can really sit back on a chair, with so many years that is behind him or her and can really be proud of his or her achievements.

A meaningful life is truly a kind of life that really satisfies your own soul and also when your conscience is clean and you are sure that you have left a beautiful legacy....only a person can decide whether they have lived a meaningful life or not when you have actually experienced enough years of your life....to some people a criminal life is an achievement,to another set of

people spending huge money on drugs is a thing of pride.... . So, what I am actually trying to say is that it really alll depends on the person as to whether he or she looks at their life as being meaningful or not,. Some people do usually set high goals for themselves while others actually do not really do not do so and they really fall

victim to a complacency and also they become really contented with whatever they have achieved and they really stop striving for more and that is what really differentiates between being really successful and also being "highly" successful....

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To me, if I want to simply define a meaningful life, I will say a meaningful life is a life living according to God purpose. I.e He or She is living in accordance to God purpose for His or Her life.