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Do you like fairytales?

I used to like fairytales when I was a kid because it always looked like I was watching an interesting movie most especially when I feel bored. Fairytales has really helped me when it comes to learning new things and having fun without moving away from my spot or position.

As an adult and a mature minded person, I think I now dislike fairytales since most of those tales are not really true and realistic. I began to wonder why we encourage deception or deceit in the lives of our young ones by telling them what might not be true. It's really something that gets me astonished.

The sad part about this is that this type of tales keeps spreading like wildfire since it is contagious as it is easily transmitted from one group of people to another in the form of knowledge and this is why most of us find it difficult to forget such that we tell others about the tale. I prefer to start transmitting beneficial knowledge which can impact the lives of our young ones positively which will surely make our world a developed place to live happily without war, oppression and hatred. Let's start educating our children with beneficial knowledge.

In conclusion, I used to love fairytales when I was very young as a kid but I don't like it anymore as an adult.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.