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There doesn’t seem to happen much at Musing? Why is that so? What do you think?
I am new here on musing and I do not see that there is happening a lot. Not so many new questions and answers... Does anyone have any idea why? I am just curious.


Actually, there is almost always activity going on here on Musing daily. 

Although, you may find some boring questions that you'd be reluctant to provide answers to but nonetheless, there are questions almost always.

Today, Musing was down for some hours and perhaps, that was why you felt there wasn't anything happening on here.

Although, with the recent slash in the prices of Steem, activities generally has reduced so that could also be a factor.

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Don't worry...it is still at its very early stage and even the steem community is fully not aware of its existence but its underlying concept is really great because of the following reasons:-

  • If you have questions or curiosity you do not need to post a blog or search some people over discord and make a long search or even you google it rather you can ask it here and the people will answer it if they know it. It is just like how quora works with difference that it is blockchain based and you will get the reward for asking and answering too.
  • If you need a concise and to the point answer then there is no better platform than a Q&A platform and musing is just filling that void on the top of steem blockchain.
  • The value engagement on Q&A platform can now be a reality unlike Quora.

You may not notice that much of activity as of now, but the concept is really very firm and solid as far as musing is concerned. And it is not like that someone will pile up with question just because there is no activity. Let this be fair, transparent and organic. If you have a question out of your curiosity then only you should put forward and that will keep this platform more beautiful, because natural and organic question will value this platform and the real purpose will always remain intact.

I firmly believe that once people will get to know about musing inside and outside crypto space then definitely more people will join and this space will become more dynamic than ever and a point will come where people without asking question will get their answer.

Thank you and Have a great day.


Today musing was down from time to time, at least in my case and that also happen to me yesterday also. I think that due to some technical problems people couldn't engage that much on musing. Now the platform seems to work fine and everything will come back to normal. There aren't though all the days the same. Sometimes there's a lot of people around here asking and answering questions while sometimes not so yeah, we have days like this also. There might be also the price of Steem that discourages people to be active in here. I've seen that on Steemit also. For a few weeks since Steem got "cheaper and cheaper" people didn't seem to have that much interest in being active anymore. I guess we can say that we are going through some type of crypto depression that nobody knows when will end. It's good though that not all of pause have taken a brake for musing and people like you still ask questions so people like me have what to answer. Cheers!


@Ohmygoodness, It's not less when community is small and active users are very less. We have to understand that this is the early phase and whichever giant platforms we are watching, they took half of decade or decade to reach heights, without giving rewards option to their users. And on Steem Blockchain we have rewards option too, so it will take time but for sure MUSING will grow for sure. And we have to remember one thing and that is, everything starts from less only and over the period of time we attain growth.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂


I joined Musing about a month ago, and I have noticed a drop off in activity in the last week or 2. I do wonder if it is just due to the overall market decline - I notice that Seemit is very quite now, and often I can go for hours without much new to read in my feed.

I notice the same names keep coming up on Musing, which suggests that the dedicated ones are staying here for the long run, and maybe there needs to be a push for new users. I think that many Steem users just don't know what Musing is.

Will be interesting to see if a big pump of the price of Steem would lead to a fluctuation of users on Musing - I think it would!


I think its just plain lack of awareness. I did not come across musing on my steemit feed. I happened to accidently come across it doing some digging. And then its my first week here. So i dont think there is much awareness yet.

The crypto bear market could be another reason why less people are generally active, be it steemit or musing. But then again, no one would want musing to be another steemit. Best is to maintain quality.


I have to agree with you to a point. I was on here 4 or 5 months ago when It first started and it grew rapidly. The price of Steem dropped and I have noticed a drop on here and on Steemit.

There are a core group of users on here asking and answering questions and some days may seem quieter than others. You can always go and look foe an old question to ask that is still relevant. I think there are nearly 23 000 questions on this site already and it is slowly growing everyday.

The site will boom when more users join as the price of Steem starts to rise. I would get into the swing of things while you can and get involved as it wont be long before we are all swamped.


how do you figure that out? I always check in on the new and trending questions and sort through them to see if they interest me. I guess I have never bothered to check for  time stamps on musing. Maybe I should so I do not upvote posts older than 7 days. 


Blockchain steem is the most unique application that ever existed in this world. By simply activating an account, we can get to know the user interface and of course can make effective money if they want to do it deeper.

With the presence of the musing.io application on the blockchain steem this is a big and unique gift, of course. We will know more about blockchain steem because of the presence of this application. In the past, everyone could not clearly see the knowledge of the blockchain steem and many cases users could not ask questions and could not get information widely. Now, it depends on us who want to find out how far the actual blockchain steem works.

You can make any statement that is still wondering in your mind through the @musing.io application. this is really very easy. So, if you want to get the answers and functions that you need, this is left to yourself to ask. Pasto there will be an accurate answer that you can get.

Only this can I answer. Thank you for your question. Good luck.


Honestly, there is a lot of questions and comments on musing every hour. Just try to go Home - "View All" - and you will see a lot of new Q&A.


 Musing is all about question answering and reading the positive of thoughts of peoples. The most important thing is you'll get the positive answer of such peoples that are more generous to gives you positive suggestions.

Basically, ups and don are the part of every life in every field, so you don't think is that are wasting thing for you. Musing is an opportunity for you-you will stay conned here and then you feel how's the most interesting for you.

It's a very common thing that we passed with some issue on the very common website. Well don't worry is not be a big issue. Musing is the best one I personly love Musing.